Are you ready to launch your brand, babe? 

this course is for you if.. say "yes" to ANY of these things:

+ You have never designed before

+ You don't have a logo or website

+ You have a brand, but it doesn't feel right

+ You need a logo, website & marketing materials ASAP

+ You have no idea what you want, or how to make it happen

+ You DIY designed your brand and/or website and it doesn't look professional

+ You are sick of being at the mercy of a designer (and web programmers)

+ Your brand isn't speaking to your ideal clients effectively, (therefore you aren't making sales)

+ You know what you want but have no idea how to make it happen

+ You need some serious hand-holding so that you don't get stuck with the technology

+ You are completely overwhelmed trying to piece things together yourself

+ You haven't designed, because you are worried you aren't tech savvy or creative enough to do it yourself

+ You want to feel confident and clear about making the "right" decision with your brand & web design

+ You have 45 solid days, to work hand-in-hand with me, to commit to getting this done!


Who am i? 

I am a former Nike Senior Graphic designer, long time entrepreneur with my own graphic design studio and branded hundreds of small to medium sized businesses.

I am also a former university professor of design and branding for three universities, including The Forbes School of Business and The University of Oregon.  

I hold a Bachelor's in Multimedia Design, and I hold a MBA in Marketing. I have won an international design award for my design work.  I am obsessed with helping entrepreneurs design on trend, and turn potential customers into raving fanatics.

I've merged my love for design with the language of speaking more effectively to your target market, and as long as you're creating products and services that your ideal client wants, with beautiful design, you will have the recipe for success!

I'm pretty much one of the sassiest, friendliest,  and quirkiest women you'll ever meet. When I talk about something I'm excited about my eyes get ridiculously big.... sort of like a deer in headlights!

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What makes this Program super?

Imagine you are hiring me as your personal creative director and brand strategist, in a group learning atmosphere. You get the support you need, from me, along with peer feedback, to help you to create an effective visual brand strategy that you LOVE.  

I give you specific, personalized and direct feedback on all of the assignments you complete on time, along with a community of enthusiastic aspiring designers, and branding rockstars.  But have no fear, most of the people are getting their feet wet in these areas for the first time, just like you.

You'll never fend for yourself, through the entire process.  Some people have described me as one part cheerleader, one part coach, and one part personal professor.  I would describe myself as your new design and branding bestie.

After you join my inner design and branding circle, and we get to know each other a bit, I have a tendency to pass on design work from my actual design studio to my students for MORE collaborative work.  Oh, and it's likely that we'll become friends!

Which means two things for you, opportunities for design work to come your way if you fall in love with the design process OR access to amazingly affordable and newly trained designers, if you don't want to design yourself!  I have created an amazing community to get exactly what you need.

Scroll to see below all the fun details of this amazing program.... I can't wait to show you everything you are going to learn!

+ Some amazing bonuses...

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