Sally Lakshmi Thurley

Yoga Practitioner, Mystic, Spiritual Seeker

Jenna's genius is certainly in branding and design, but to my surprise, I found that it went deeper for me. 

In the end it wasn't about building a website even though to my great delight I managed to do it; her course forced me into some deep inner work. 

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Having just changed my business and starting from scratch, Jenna was instrumental in getting me  to a raw and vulnerable place about who i really am and what it is I am actually wanting to share with the world.  I had no idea how much in transition i was and how much i was hiding myself. 

To 'come out' was actually really painful.  Her suggestions always pointed me in the right direction and kept me on track when I was getting lost or overwhelmed by choice.

It was great that I could take the course at my own speed and allow the transformations and discoveries to take place.  Where I am now a few months down the track is a totally new and fresh place that's remarkably me. 

Jenna helped ignite my inner artist and the joy of creating again after years of blocking my creative side to do what I needed to do to feed my 2 kids is a gift I shall forever be grateful for.  Having new graphic skills and creating my own images for my website and social media is so empowering and so much fun!