The World is Waiting for you.

You have a business idea that you are excited to bring to the world.  

You know you need to launch a website, and maybe things haven't gone according to plan.

The technology was too complicated.  

The designer you worked with didn't get you.

You tried to design something, and it didn't really feel like the professional that you are.

You have no idea what to do going forward.



All you know is the site needed to be up weeks ago, you're running out of money, and time, and you're scared.

 Well, darling, everything is going to be okay.  I have just the plan for you!


What if Your Website Felt Like the Experience of Working with you? 

Let's visualize for a second a web design that was branded to feel so much like you, that when people interacted with your website, and then decided to work with you, that they already felt like they ALREADY KNEW YOU.

Let's say that this website, not only attracted you dream clients, but repelled nightmare clients. This is not a fantasy but really could be your reality.  But you might be thinking, HOW!?

How To D.I.Y. your Website the Right way

If you want a drool-worthy brand and web design, here's an overview of what you need to do:

STEP 1: Learn Graphic Design Rules & Tricks

STEP 2: Develop a Clear Brand Strategy & Personality:  That's Attractive to the Right People

STEP 3: Get Pro Help from a Branding & Design Expert

STEP 4: Put all of that on a easy & robust web platform like Squarespace 


The Result: 

You'll launch your dream website quickly, you'll have full control over a site that feels totally YOU!


"I took Jenna's course in April 2014 to learn how to brand and design my Singer-Songwriter website. I ended up with a music site that I absolutely adore!

Jenna is unbelievably generous with her time, attention, and knowledge in class. She cares SO much about helping you succeed. I can honestly say she's one of the best teachers I've ever had. (And I went to Stanford)." - Nicole Marietta, /

Want a Website that You Love and Feels Totally You?


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