But, I turned my Website nightmare into a dream... And so can You!

A little over a year ago, I had tried launching my website on Wordpress and failed miserably.

I had heard so much about how Wordpress was the ONLY way to DIY a legitimate website.  I followed that path of 74 million people, and completely fell on my face.  

I was running out of money since I could NOT launch.  I was completely stuck.  Here I have a multimedia degree, and teach people technology and I could NOT do it.

Then I followed my own design & branding process, and launched on Squarespace in a matter of weeks, and earned six figures in 2015 with it!  I proved that Wordpress is NOT the only way to DIY a website!  

I found way to utilize ALL the things I love about Wordpress and not have to design on it!  (We're friends now.)

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Jenna answers every single question you have and she’s right there every step of the way with you giving you feedback on what you’re working on, and providing ideas and suggestions, to make your ideas - and to help you implement your ideas, to the best possible form."


Let me help you get out of your own way!


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