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Launch Your Brand






VIP:  45 Days with Jenna


Payments End November 2016

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You also get these bonuses:

The Biz Idea Plan ($197 Value): A course on how to flush out a complete business idea before you brand it by: develop target markets, do primary and secondary research to develop products, create a marketing message, create vision and mission statements, pricing, learn sales techniques and how to name your business. You complete an 18 page PDF that will really get you started!

+ SLEW OF AMAZING BONUSES NOT YET RELEASED worth thousands from Jen Lehner, Star Khechara, and a bunch of others!


Who Is Launch Your Brand Program For?  

It's for entrepreneurs who have a desire to have complete confidence, clarity, and control over their brand and website design, to attract dream clients and get more business.  They want a brand and website they're proud of.  They want to stop relying on the translation of their ideas from a designer or programmer, and be able to get things done on the fly!

The VIP Version of this course is for someone who needs and wants a lot of handholding, strategy help, support and community.  This person may also love the 45 Day idea cause it gives them a push to get things done!

How Is This Different From Other Courses Out There?  

My approach to design and branding did NOT come from taking someone else's course, and regurgitating it to you.  My approach came from getting a Multimedia Degree and a Masters in Business, mixing that knowledge together and personally designing and branding hundreds of businesses. 

I tested hundreds of students, before I developed the program by teaching user interface design courses, marketing, branding, and design principle courses for three universities, over four years.

I also spent my time working for one of the biggest brands in the world, Nike, and dove into why and how big corporate brands brand themselves, and then translated into what works for the little guy. 

My methodologies are my own, based on a LOT of testing, and a TON of professional experience.

The biggest difference my students would say? The handholding. My quirky jokes, and lighthearted and fun approach to design, and how I'll arm wrestle you and tough love the crap out of you to not make bad decisions. Most importantly, the access to me in VIP, they've said is unlike anything they've ever experienced before. This is what makes me different, a lot of handholding. A LOT.  

But the good news is we end up brand besties by the end of it.  Did I mention, I'm going to go spend 5 days with one student next month in Scotland, and another student, we're going to take a road trip a few weeks after that.  It's our SECOND road trip. I've had student's stay my house, have dinner with my family. I've taken out students for for fancy dinners.  I've had students send me massages, let me stay at their huge vacation homes for free. One thing is for certain, love my students and they love me.  Without these relationships I wouldn't want to do this business.

My accessibility is what makes this different.

Who Is Launch Your Brand Program Not For?

Someone who hates creativity, and has no desire to learn how to be more creative.  Now don't mix this up with some silly story that you tell yourself, like "I'm not a creative person!" I don't believe that's true. If you want to be creative, with this process, it will teach you to think more creatively. Now mix that with some business and marketing knowledge and you're going to be better than ANY designer out there, who just makes pretty things that aren't effective.  Yes, I'm saying you might actually design better than other pro designers out there. Seems like a bold statement but I've seen it too much for it to not be true, with students just like you.

If you're not open to learning technology, then this might not be for you. It's fine if learning the technology is not your thing, but the technology gets super fun, once you learn some key tricks.  

That's why I'm holding your hand remember? 

Will I Launch My Brand And Website, By The End Of 45 Days?

I've seen people complete the course and launch in 2 weeks, I've seen them shuffle their feet and take a year. The good news is, you get this course as lifetime access, and you will use these lessons again, and again, and again.  You do go on your own path, based on where you are at, with my sweet little Brand & Biz Road Map you'll be following.

In the two years of testing this specific program, I discovered 45 days with me holding your hand all of the way, is going to be just enough time with me to get you set in a direction that you're going to love.... Not so long you lose steam, not so short you feel like I'm pulling the tablecloth from under you.

Some people who enter this program have been in business for a while, some are brand new, this can change the timeline of things if you are feeling indecisive or you change your mind mid-course.  

Your website and brand can be an ever-living and ever-breathing, ever-changing thing, that is constantly being updated with new content, new photography, new products, so are you really ever done? Nope! Look at me, I'm typing copy into my site, right this very second and I'm TWO YEARS IN.... 

If you follow the roadmap, attend office hours, do the work there is a high likelihood you're going to be so much farther ahead than you are right now in your business and brand! Mind you without big bouts of procrastination, by the end of 45 days, you should have something professional enough going to build a list and start making money.

Is This Going To Be Difficult?

In the best possible way, yes.  But think of it this way, it's sort of like child birth...child birth is Difficult and PAINFUL...(from what I hear) but it can lead to one of the greatest moments and things happening in your life.  Transforming to be your best self, bring your baby into the world -- birthing your best self in a brand and website form, with your best website is a TON of introspective work with REALLY figuring out what you want, and what you need to do to get there.

Is it going to be fun? 

Abso-fricking-lutely!  Like the most fun... like you won't want the class to ever end, fun!

The website portion of this class will be the easiest part! Squarespace is amazingly easy. Photoshop and Illustrator are incredibly robust and powerful programs, that are the main tools that real designers use and will be the foundation to all of the amazing things we are going to make.  Their quirks is where you'll get the most hand holding.

There is a reason for this hard work. Once you get your feet wet in them, you can make ANYTHING... I mean even if you can't draw a straight line in person, you will be able to create the most amazing compositions, font & image combinations without being a typographer, or a photographer, or even a traditional artist.  

The art of graphic design is the art of coordinating photography, color, type, textures, with a clear marketing message that supports and is emphasized by those things.  You can become a brilliant graphic designer, even if you suck as an artist.  Actually in my experience, most traditional artists, because they aren't trained in the specific skill of Graphic design (like I'm going to teach you) actually can be worse at design, then the newly trained designer with little or no artistic experience!  Why is that? Cause while they're sort of related they really are very different art forms.

So yes, you're going to be bloody brilliant by the end of this though.

When Are Office Hours? (For VIP Only)

Choose ONE session per week (you'll get sent replays of All)

Thursday's at 7am PST  (7am Los Angeles, 10am NYC, 3pm London, 11:59pm Thurs Sydney)

Sunday's at 7pm PST  (7pm Los Angeles, 10pm NYC, 4am London, 12pm Noon Monday Sydney)

They're recorded in case you have to miss one.  Don't forget every single assignment you post in the Facebook group will also get addressed and a response from me.

What Other Costs Might Happen In This Course?

The cost of Web hosting fees (Squarespace, Instapage is $10-$40 a month), stock images for your designs (varies per design but anywhere from Free to $10 an image), The price of Adobe Creative Cloud (you get a month free on trial) but then it's $30-50 a month. You get ALL of the Adobe Creative cloud products -- Illustrator, Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat (to make PDFs, that you can actually type into, or check boxes, or even use as forms)... you can go month-to-month if you feel like you'll only use it for this course!   

Will You Teach Me Wordpress Or Any Other Platforms Aside From Squarespace?

You won't need to learn anything more important than good design, Photoshop and Illustrator. Our focus will be on Squarespace for the website portion of this class, and it does ALL of the things you need it to.  We will also go through Instapage which actually can publish to Wordpress!!!!  How cool is that. You'll be able to look at both Instapage and SS to figure out which is best for you.

I've converted some of the most certified Wordpress trainers to Squarespace.

I even did a webinar with the woman who NAMED WORDPRESS....and even she respects the Squarespace.  

Out of the 200 students that haven't taken the class 90% of the ones that started on Wordpress, switched to Squarespace, (because there is an import from WP to SS feature).   

The 10% that didn't switch to Squarespace, happily used all the design skills, Photoshop and Illustrator skills to make their Wordpress sites look flipping awesome, cause they were finally able to customize their Wordpress template.  This could apply to other platforms too.

If you're on WP and love it, guess what you can stay there and still get everything you need from this course! Even the CSS tricks I'll teach you for Squarespace will work for Wordpress!

With great design skills and learning Photoshop and Illustrator and having a very solid branding method, with mood boards and really taking a look at ideal clients, you're going to take whatever platform you're on and kill it!

Is There A Guarantee?  There Is A 30 Day - TOUGH LOVE GUARANTEE!

There is a 30 Day Money Back guarantee, but the rule with it is, depending on when you might request it. My rule is that in Week 1, you would submit all of the work from Page 1 of The Biz & Brand Roadmap...  Week, 2, page 1-2, etc. on through Week 4.  The respective week determines what homework would have to be completed for you to qualify for a refund.  This is because I'm so convinced that if you do the work this will work for you, that I'm not going to let you sign up for another course, and get buyers remorse cause you decided to not make it a priority.  Make it a priority and it will work.

I've only ever had 3 refund requests out of 200 people, you're going to be fine.