The World is Waiting for you.

You have a business idea that you are excited to bring to the world.  

You know you need to launch a website, and maybe things haven't gone according to plan.

The technology was too complicated.  

The designer you worked with didn't get you.

You tried to design something, and it didn't really feel like the professional that you are.

You have no idea what to do going forward.



All you know is the site needed to be up weeks ago, you're running out of money, and time, and you're scared.

 Well, darling, everything is going to be okay.  I have just the plan for you!


What if Your Website Felt Like the Experience of Working with you? 

Let's visualize for a second a web design that was branded to feel so much like you, that when people interacted with your website, and then decided to work with you, that they already felt like they ALREADY KNEW YOU.

Let's say that this website, not only attracted you dream clients, but repelled nightmare clients. This is not a fantasy but really could be your reality.  But you might be thinking, HOW!?

How To D.I.Y. your Website the Right way

If you want a drool-worthy brand and web design, here's an overview of what you need to do:

STEP 1: Learn Graphic Design Rules & Tricks

STEP 2: Develop a Clear Brand Strategy & Personality:  That's Attractive to the Right People

STEP 3: Get Pro Help from a Branding & Design Expert

STEP 4: Put all of that on a easy & robust web platform like Squarespace 


The Result: 

You'll launch your dream website quickly, you'll have full control over a site that feels totally YOU!


"I took Jenna's course in April 2014 to learn how to brand and design my Singer-Songwriter website. I ended up with a music site that I absolutely adore!

Jenna is unbelievably generous with her time, attention, and knowledge in class. She cares SO much about helping you succeed. I can honestly say she's one of the best teachers I've ever had. (And I went to Stanford)." - Nicole Marietta, /

Want a Website that You Love and Feels Totally You?


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But, I turned my Website nightmare into a dream... And so can You!

A little over a year ago, I had tried launching my website on Wordpress and failed miserably.

I had heard so much about how Wordpress was the ONLY way to DIY a legitimate website.  I followed that path of 74 million people, and completely fell on my face.  

I was running out of money since I could NOT launch.  I was completely stuck.  Here I have a multimedia degree, and teach people technology and I could NOT do it.

Then I followed my own design & branding process, and launched on Squarespace in a matter of weeks, and earned six figures in 2015 with it!  I proved that Wordpress is NOT the only way to DIY a website!  

I found way to utilize ALL the things I love about Wordpress and not have to design on it!  (We're friends now.)

"My favorite part of the course is the access you get to Jenna, it what makes it an entirely different course than any other course that you’ll get out there.

Jenna answers every single question you have and she’s right there every step of the way with you giving you feedback on what you’re working on, and providing ideas and suggestions, to make your ideas - and to help you implement your ideas, to the best possible form."


Let me help you get out of your own way!


GET STARTED for only $197 Today (6 payments of $197)


Unlike most      "branding experts"

...who might be self-taught, or self-proclaimed...

I am the real flippin' deal.

  • Started my first licensed DESIGN business 19 years ago 
  • Earned Multimedia Design Degree
  • Earned MBA, Marketing
  • Designed nearly over 300 brands for small businesses
  • Won the LERN International Design Award "Best Catalog Design for Targeting Gen Y"
  • Taught as Associate Professor of Design & Branding for the University of Oregon, for 5 years.
  • Designed for Nike, as a Senior Graphic Designer 

Earned 6 Figures within First 6 Months, of launching 

Helped almost 200 Non-Designers Launch Their Brands & Squarespace Sites

Why This Program Over Everything Else Out there?

You get 19 years of branding and design expertise in a nutshell, without typical theory, more based on quick, tangible tricks and tactics, to get you the most knowledge, the most professional design work in the shortest amount of time possible.  

It is my life's purpose to inspire non-techie, non-designer entrepreneurs how to create beautiful brands and websites without prior experience.  

Wanna Learn Branding & Web Design from an Actual Pro?

GET STARTED for only $197 Today (6 payments of $197)


Launch Your Space! Program Tour

Starting Today, You Get Full Access to all Modules 

10 Hours of Video Instruction & Feedback Via Facebook and Live Video Office Hours for Direct Feedback!

Launch Your Brand identity

Brand Strategy:   get clear on what you want and Who You are Targeting

  • Learn how big brands target various segments of a market, visually.  
  • Discover how sub-brands / product branding ties into your parent brand.  
  • Discover your ideal client / who you should target
  • Discover your brand personality 
  • What is your visual style and how that relates to the experience of working with your company

Learn the Rules of what makes for Great Graphic Design

  • Four simple principles to create good designs every time
  • Understand good vs. bad, for help creating design & hiring designers in the future


  Creating Mood Boards to Support Your Core Message

  • Understand the connection from your core message with the visuals
  • Choose your overall brand style, fonts, colors based on strategy of targeting the right clients
  • Utilizing inspiration - deconstructing amazing design to help you create amazing design

The Complete Squarespace Training with Photoshop, CSS, & Opt-ins

Launch Your Squarespace Website!

When you have a clear strategy and a mood board to work from, then choosing colors, fonts, and images gets super easy, then it's just a matter of assembling it.  I show you all the tricks for customizing things.  You go from analyzing what the structure of the site needs to be

  • Create a Website "Wireframe" to build from
  • Go From Moodboard to Website
  • Set Up Home Page, About Page, Contact Page, Blog
  • Learn how to format content the best way
  • E-commerce Setup / Shopping Cart
  • Attach domain / create domain email

You will learn all of the secrets to customize your Squarespace site on a clear strategy.  This does NOT come out of the box with Squarespace, and is specific to this program.  It's truly the secret to making things look ah-ma-zing.

Customize your site with Photoshop & Pic Monkey

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to create a website header in Photoshop
  • Afraid of Photoshop? Create fun images in PicMonkey
  • Develop the content for your site, including opt-ins 
  • Connect your opt-in to your email programs  
  • You will also learn some tiny CSS tricks to making your opt-in fully customized, way beyond what you get with Squarespace by itself.  No more boring opt-in boxes -- fully customized on site, and with pop ups
  • Learn to integrate Leadpages for your opt-in too!

Outta This World BONUSES!

The Biz Idea Plan - $197

Lifetime Access to the Course & Facebook Group 

Video office Hours with Jenna



Oct 22 & November 1st, Noon PST, 3PM NYC

To review EVERYTHING in this bundle (in a Nutshell)...

GET STARTED for only $197 Today (6 payments of $197)


Student:  Natasha Smith


"I Have Never Produced Such Quality And Learned So Much Stuff In Such A Short Amount Of Time - The Whole Course Is Bloody Awesome."

"I have never worked with Squarespace before, never done coding and never designed logos- Branding Strategy was an enigma to me and I thought only big ass pros could do it for a living

I have never produced such quality and learned so much stuff in such a short amount of time - the whole course is bloody awesome. I can't say enough good things about Jenna, her teaching style or her course.. and since being in her tribe the list of gorgeous things people are saying about my brand, my website and design skills is growing at a crazy speed!"

"One company said to me after seeing my site last week:

"We Love Your Brand, We Seriously Haven't Got Any Designers Of Your Calibre Working With Us!"

.........Lil Old Me?! 

If you want to be in business or you want your existing business to be Absolutely Fabulous sweetie darling...get yourself over and join Jenna's tribe right now! It will be the best gift you gave yourself and your business...ever!" 


Investing in Yourself is the best first step to success!  So do it!

GET STARTED for only $197 Today (6 payments of $197)

Pay in Full and Save $185


Student: Brianna Nash,

“I am definitely, definitely in love with this program. She makes it so easy .... She breaks it down so beautifully.”

BEFORE (Click Image to Enlarge)

“What makes this program different is, really it’s Jenna. The way that she lays out everything so that you can learn to build a website on Squarespace. So that you can learn the basics of Photoshop  and PicMonkey.”


AFTER (Click Image to Enlarge)

Student: Amanda Nazzal,

1st Project - (Click Image to Enlarge)

“Through doing her course I gained clarity..."

At the End of the Course..(Click Image)

...around doing the brand photography and doing the blog photography and also still being able to integrate my yoga by doing it for conscious entrepreneurs. So it’s like I kinda got to pull everything together thanks to her."



BEFORE (Click Image to Enlarge)

"Every Person Was Treated Like The Only Person In The Class!"

“She wasn’t just gonna be teaching the principles of design, and the theory behind all of it, she was also gonna be showing us how to create our own work and our own representation of ourself and our brand - to get online. And she really delivered in that.”

AFTER (Click Image to Enlarge)

“It was an incredible program. As an instructor she was spot on. She was present all of the time. She answered all of our questions. Every person that was in the forum or on the calls, really was treated like they were the only person in the class. There was no short changing on time, there was no rushing. She really paid attention to every single person that was there."


Student:  Eva Witsel,  EvaWitsel.NL

Before (Click Image ) Her failed attempt at Wordpress

After: (Click Image) On Squarespace

"I now have a website that I'm not only not ashamed of anymore, but I'm actually very proud of"

"Jenna took me through all the steps I needed to take to develop my brand, she made the whole process fun and easy.

Each step logically built on the step before. I loved the group forum and getting all the feedback on my designs from the other students. Jenna's feedback on my designs was so helpful and whenever anyone got stuck, Jenna jumped in and helped us on our way again. I think this group was key in getting me where I am now.

Jenna helped me to design something that I'm so proud of, I can't wait to start my business!

I now have a website that I'm not only not ashamed of anymore, but I'm actually very proud of it and keep showing it to everyone who will have a look, including my very patient seven year old ;-)"

Are you ready to finally be seen in the world and start making $$$?

GET STARTED for only $197 Today

Save $185 if you Pay in Full



If you're thinking...But, but, but....

Can't I just DO THIS BY MYSELF? 

You could try to watch youtube videos, other technical tutorials, but from what I have seen that is in the market those approaches are missing 2 things -- support, guidance and someone to help you create the vision and an overall strategy to go from concept to execution of a beautiful site.

I'm just so busy! I don't have Time!

You're looking at about 5 hours a week for about 5 weeks, then BOOM launch time!  The bigger question is, can you afford to lose any more business and opportunities.  

On the first day of the course you set up a landing page to start building your list! 

Is this going to cost me a Fortune?

It is priced to be less than hiring a designer!  Let's not forget that you're going to be empowered to rebrand, and update your site, and create marketing materials which means this course will actually pay for itself fairly quickly, since you won't have to hire a designer in the future!

No More Excuses the Time is Now! 

GET STARTED for only $197 Today (6 payments of $197)

30 Day Guarantee

Try Launch Your Space & Bonuses 100% risk free!

Refunds are only available after the first week of class.  All work must be completed to qualify for a refund. 


How is the course delivered?

Great question!  Launch Your Space is a video course in an online classroom called Teachable. You'll post your assignments  in a private Facebook group for feedback.  There is also video office hours to ask Jenna direct questions and get live tutorials.  Sometimes you even get live step by step instructions with screen sharing.  Meaning that Jenna can access your computer and see what you are working on and have you make adjustments right then and there. This is wonderful for learning and for getting custom feedback!  There is also an assistant that helps with feedback that is a top art school graduate to help with taking design work to the next level.

How many hours does this course take?

There is 10 total hours of video in the course, + 2 Hours of office hour (total) (these are optional but highly recommended), so just for content consumption you're looking at 2 hours of video watching  Depending on how long it takes you to do assignments -

Your looking at between 5-10 hours a week total.  Keep in mind this is only for 5 weeks, and the knowledge you will get you will keep for a lifetime.  A great majority of people who have taken this course have gone on to become professional designers, so if you fall in love with design and want to do it ALL the time, that might actually happen.  I've been known to create design addicts that supplement their income creating brands and designs for other people. :)

Do I need photoshop installed prior to the course?

No you will be installing a trial version of Photoshop and it lasts for 30 days, so you'll want to make sure to not skip ahead and install that until after the first week or your trial will run out.  Post the course Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to keep using Photoshop on either a monthly or much cheaper annual rate.   There are a variety of options here.  Any version of Photoshop will be fine, we aren't going to get TOO crazy.

I've never designed before, will i be able to do this?

You will be amazed at what you can do with the right support and guidance. If you did this by yourself, I'd be concerned because not knowing what to start with or focus on or designing without a clear strategy is a recipe for design disaster!  I talk you out of bad design decisions. I help you get through tech and creative blocks. As long as you stick with it, come to office hours, the empowerment and designs that will come with you are going to blow your mind!

GET STARTED for only $197 Today (6 payments of $197)