This course Is Closed for Enrollment

This course will cover:

  • Develop a course idea
  • Identify your ideal student for this course
  • Build a list of beta testers for your pilot course
  • Do primary & secondary research to develop your course
  • Learn how to do videos, sound, editing, titles
  • Design interactive Pdf's for hand outs
  • Design and setup a membership platform
  • Understand how to effectively operate "office hours" calls
  • Discover how to tie a membership site into website (even when they're hosted 2 different places)
  • Officially launch a pilot course with beta testers
  • Utilize beta testers to revise the course, get testimonials, or pivot based on results
  • Optimize your site for list building, create a lead magnet that is one step towards student's goal
  • Create a mini course as a list building tool
  • How to do JV webinars
  • Sales Page Copy & Design - Connect page to membership site and merchant
  • Write an effective Email launch sequence
  • Create a FAQ Webinar with JV bonuses

I hope you'll join Picasso and I on this epic course launching adventure!