Kelly Kang 

named: One of San Francisco's top real estate agents


"I joined Jenna’s course after having designed my own VERY BASIC wordpress site and running into all kinds of problems.  Then I ended up paying someone to throw up a generic templated site for me. And very quickly I realized that my site looked like everyone else’s in the industry. The templates were generic and difficult to customize through the designers they had on staff.

When I found Jenna and signed up for her mini course. I got so much value from her intro videos that I thought, “why not?!?” And I’m so glad I took the chance and believed in my own aesthetic and amateur design skills enough to sign up for Launch Your Brand! Her course literally changed my branding-life.

Her mood boards and concept sheets took a concept that many others talk about and made it so easy to understand and, more importantly, so easy to implement! I got really clear on what message I wanted to convey with my brand. And what aesthetic would actually appeal to my target audience.

I couldn't have done it without Jenna's amazing course and the feedback from other LYBer's. I felt so empowered by the tools we learned and the community we created together. 

And if you follow the course step-by-step, you’ll come out with a brand that you can be proud of. Each step is designed to help you develop the skills to design the brand you want! Jenna is so willing to help you. It’s not just like having a professional designer on hand, but it actually is having an amazing professional available to you when you need it."