Karen Park

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Erotica Author

"When I started out, I had a really vague idea what I wanted for my site. An idea of my brand, a vague outline. And I came to Jenna’s program, to the VIP program, because I knew that she could help me take it from a vague outline to a site that I was proud of. And I definitely got that and more."

"If I had gone to a designer and said, “hey, this is kinda what I want”, I never could have gotten a site that was so ME, or could I have gotten a site that I really am responsible for, which is the really cool thing. So, I’m so proud of it. And I couldn’t have done it without Jenna’s help and direction. And I will always be grateful. Thank you."

- Karen Park - hotpinkbooks.com



A vague outline not shown here.


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