Jt Clough:  Dog Coach 

"I Went To A Big Conference In San Diego, And They Put My Website Up On The Big Screen.  And I Had The Greatest Response!"

"I'm life coach for dogs and for people for the last 25 years.  I've marketed myself through my website, and I've had more than one over the last several years.

I've gone everywhere from hiring big designers and copywriters to doing it myself.  I've always had the feeling that it was just not quite what I wanted it to be, and that was sort of disappointing.

I do a lot of blogging and have done most of it myself.  I just couldn't get it to the professional look that I wanted.

So when I saw Jenna's program, I decided to take it, and I'm so glad that I did.  The feeling I have now is a whole different thing!  I have a website now that really describes who I am, what I do, and how I help people.

It was through her process of branding and teaching you how to put it together.

I went to a big conference in San Diego, and they put my website up on the big screen.  And I had the greatest response!  People were like "Who did that for you?"  People said "oh that's so awesome" and came up to me afterwards and said all kinds of things.


So the feeling was that "Wow I really did have it the way I wanted to have happen with this website!"

I think the thing that made that happen for me, was the office hours.  She gives you live feedback, when you're on the wrong track, when you are on the right track, when you get stuck on something.

Those times where you start a project and you don't quite get it done.  To actually finish it all the way through and have it come out the way you wanted it.  It's just really awesome!"