jeanie Irving

Australian Portrait Photographer

"This program gave me the power to make educated design choices. Jenna breaks everything down so it’s easy to follow, and understand and remember.

Jenna was also very hands on. Besides the tutorials, there was group office hours where you could log in and get 1:1 feedback. You could actually watch Jenna’s screen as she explained things so you could understand. And if you still didn’t understand she would explain further until you got further clarification. Jenna is actually VERY PATIENT.

I was surprised how much I learned from the other student’s questions and from their progress. It was very fascinating. I loved office hours.

My favorite part was walking away with a brand concept sheet and a website, that not only looked good, but was easy to use.

I am deeply grateful that Jenna created launch your brand because now I’m proud to show off my logo and my website and my blog, and I’m forever grateful from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Jenna."

- Jeanie Irving -


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