30 Day Guarantee

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Refunds are only available after the first week of class.  All work must be completed to qualify for a refund. 


How is the course delivered?

Great question!  Launch Your Space is a video course in an online classroom called Teachable. You'll post your assignments  in a private Facebook group for feedback.  There is also video office hours to ask Jenna direct questions and get live tutorials.  Sometimes you even get live step by step instructions with screen sharing.  Meaning that Jenna can access your computer and see what you are working on and have you make adjustments right then and there. This is wonderful for learning and for getting custom feedback!  There is also an assistant that helps with feedback that is a top art school graduate to help with taking design work to the next level.

How many hours does this course take?

There is 10 total hours of video in the course, + 2 Hours of office hour (total) (these are optional but highly recommended), so just for content consumption you're looking at 2 hours of video watching  Depending on how long it takes you to do assignments -

Your looking at between 5-10 hours a week total.  Keep in mind this is only for 5 weeks, and the knowledge you will get you will keep for a lifetime.  A great majority of people who have taken this course have gone on to become professional designers, so if you fall in love with design and want to do it ALL the time, that might actually happen.  I've been known to create design addicts that supplement their income creating brands and designs for other people. :)

Do I need photoshop installed prior to the course?

No you will be installing a trial version of Photoshop and it lasts for 30 days, so you'll want to make sure to not skip ahead and install that until after the first week or your trial will run out.  Post the course Adobe Creative Cloud allows you to keep using Photoshop on either a monthly or much cheaper annual rate.   There are a variety of options here.  Any version of Photoshop will be fine, we aren't going to get TOO crazy.

I've never designed before, will i be able to do this?

You will be amazed at what you can do with the right support and guidance. If you did this by yourself, I'd be concerned because not knowing what to start with or focus on or designing without a clear strategy is a recipe for design disaster!  I talk you out of bad design decisions. I help you get through tech and creative blocks. As long as you stick with it, come to office hours, the empowerment and designs that will come with you are going to blow your mind!

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