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Dear Brand Babe!

You have seen me teaching "Forevergreen Funnels" online over the past three days.

It's a program that showed you the basics of creating a funnel, nurture sequence, and evergreen "deadline" funnel to warm up your audience and sell to them, utilizing the technology of Leadpages, Active Campaign and Deadline Funnel.

I'm sure you'd love to have the recordings from this live training but the ONLY way to get them is through signing up for The Course Launcher.  (See more details below)

The Course Launcher is one of the most incredible courses I've ever created.  300 entrepreneurs (just like you) went through The Course Launcher over the last year, and achieved launching their very own TESTED, professional course with 50-1,000 beta testers!  (This includes people who have ZERO people on their email list currently.)  I help students figure out how to find potential students AND I promote their beta courses to 19,000 people!

100% of the people WHO TRIED, achieved launching their course within 3 weeks.  Many went on to have multiple five figure launches with a list of less than 200 hundred people. (As you may have seen with my student Soness Stevens, who had a $38,000 launch to her "free beta testers" of only 200 people!)

The program is 4 week, comprehensive training program that you do with ME.  This NOT just another course it is a GROUP Coaching experience, and It is hand-held. This means every question you ask is answered within 48 hours by me.  This means every step of the way you're being coached by me.  You are NOT left to fend for yourself.  This is not a regular course about courses, this is a coaching program with step-by-step tech / strategy training.

The goal of this program is to help you overcome your fear of getting your work into the world, and overcoming the overwhelming technology that has held you back.  You will have a clear idea of exactly what to do and when to do it.  One of my students described it "A journey in self discovery, whilst teaching an online course."  This is so much more than a course.

Students walk away with a finished online course (outline, videos, pdfs in a membership site), that is tested, with tons of testimonials and proof that their course is ACTUALLY what people want.

As you may or may not know, again my name is Jenna Soard, and I'm a former university professor from the University of Oregon, and a former senior graphic designer at Nike. I hold a MBA in Marketing and a tech degree in Multimedia design.  

Something that makes me different than most instructors out there is I'm actually a trained professor who understands not only how to make people learn things very quickly, but also I can train people to teach like I do. (With love and careful consideration for the success of every single student who comes into my online classroom!)

When you register for The Course launcher, you receive:

  • The Course Launcher -- 4 weeks of course creation / beta testing training / list building  and promotion to 19,000 people of your beta test.  You are guaranteed to launch a course to at least 50 beta testers within 3 weeks, or your money back! (Value $1997)


  • ALTERNATE OPTION: You have the choice to switch out The Course Launcher for Launch Your Brand, my program on how to create a brand strategy, website, in 45 days. (for no extra charge, but the office hours for Launch Your Brand start April 1)  You must email me after purchase to do this!


  • Fancy Funnels, which is a blue print for my entire company. It teaches more in-depth list growth strategies and tech for: Joint Venture Webinars, Facebook networking, sales page design, and templates for ALL of my emails.  (Value $997)


  • Forevergreen Funnels (edited videos and course released in the next week) -- You get ALL the recordings from this LIVE course, + step by step instructions, and LIFETIME access to the course, which I will update as I grow and find new strategies for evergreen funnels. This will be a blueprint of what I'm doing for evergreen.  This will include strategies, new tech on automated / hybrid webinars, and templates!  (Value $700)   


  • 12 Months of Facebook Support in Fancy Funnels / Forevergreen Funnels


  • 1x a Week Group Coaching Calls to get you through Your Blocks for 30 days (with two time options) with recordings. ($1000 value)  Coaching calls are on Tuesdays at 12pm PST, and Thursdays at 7am PST (choose 1!) If none of these times you can make let me know and I will create a third time to accommodate.


  • Launch Your Lead Magnet: Everything you need to create an interactive roadmap, just like the lead magnets on my site.  This works as a list building / sales tool / and a navigation tool for students.  (Value $397)


  • Convertkit Masterclass (Value $297)  For those of you not wanting to do ActiveCampaign you can have this course that gives you the ins and outs of CK with connection to Leadpages


  • LIFETIME ACCESS to ALL of these COURSES with UPDATES!!!!  (Value Priceless)


  • Private Facebook Group with feedback directly from Jenna, on EVERY SINGLE ASSIGNMENT, within 48 hours -- Monday - Friday 9am-6pm PST


  • Year Long Access to Jenna's Membership Club "Creative Culture Club"  - With a private Facebook group with one extra group coaching call a month for an entire year, and replays of every webinar Jenna has ever done and all webinars in the future. (Value $588)

This Course Launcher Package has a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

If it's not the best course creation course you've ever taken, ask for your money back and receive a complete no hassle refund within 30 days, no questions asked.

*** NEW ADDED BONUS *** VALUE $1200 -- Amber Mc Cue's CEO School!  This is everything you need to run your business like a boss!  Learn how to become more efficient, more productive and get your team up and going!


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