I participated in Jenna's Launch your brand program and loved every minute of it!

Jenna is a precious find of someone who is very knowledgeable in her field and at the same time is a very good teacher. She knows her design stuff, but also knows very well how to help non-designers (like me!) through the design process step by step.


I was at that dark place where I wanted to start my blog, but was paralyzed with total Website Shame.

I had spent many hours trying to build a website that I could use until I would be able to afford a designer. But my website looked quite bad :-( But then I was saved by Jenna's Launch your brand program, it was exactly what I needed! 


Jenna took me through all the steps I needed to take to develop my brand, she made the whole process fun and easy.

Each step logically built on the step before. I loved the group forum and getting all the feedback on my designs from the other students. Jenna's feedback on my designs was so helpful and whenever anyone got stuck, Jenna jumped in and helped us on our way again. I think this group was key in getting me where I am now.


I loved all the resources Jenna taught us about,

lots of great places to find free or cheap design resources and programs to use when developing my brand, and also how to use those resources. I can't believe that I really designed my beautiful logo and website, I would never have been able to do this without Launch your brand as I have no design experience at all.


I live in Europe, in the Netherlands, but this was no problem at all. All Jenna's resources were available here too. Even Jenna's favorite printing company has local branch offices in lots of countries, in my country too, so I could submit my business cards for printing in my own language. The time difference was no problem either. So I can really recommend Launch your brand to international students too.


Jenna helped me to design something that I'm so proud of, I can't wait to start my business!

I now have a website that I'm not only not ashamed of anymore, but I'm actually very proud of it and keep showing it to everyone who will have a look, including my very patient seven year old ;-)