Elisabeth Oswell

Musician, Artist, Now Designer to Famous Rockband

"She's the best teacher I've ever had!"

“I wanted to let you know that meeting you has been a real highlight of 2014. You gave me an enormous gift I didn't even know existed!

By igniting in me a passion for graphic design and arts you have showed me how to own being an artist, I feel like my belief in my creativity has blossomed since we met and that is impacting me in so many ways. Not only that but you believe in me, reflect my strengths and continue to show me so much support as I learn and grow.

You are THE best teacher too. I guess this us what it looks like when someone is living in alignment with their purpose.

You are one in a million. I just adore you, and I wish you all the joy and success you deserve this year and every year to come.” (Email excerpt)

 Elisabeth Oswell - goddessevolve.com




Post class work


World Renowned Band, Mogwai,

Best Selling T-Shirt Design

Film Poster, Drunken Butterflies, 2014