Video <3: Speaking Engagements: Using Interactivity to Engage Your Audience

Today I met with the Speakers Bureau of Hera Hub (a fabulous women's co-working center) to talk about how to increase interactivity into your presentations. Please share this video on your site, by embedding it, and/or through social media! 

The Blogcademy: A blogging conference that blew my mind!

From the moment that I walked into the cool photo studio in Los Angeles, I saw women decorated in bunny ears and sparkly headbands and I fell in love.  Now see, I don't consider myself to be "fashionable", or as trendsetting as these other ladies, but I do aspire to become more so.   I am a firm believer in aligning myself with people who are living their bliss and doing what I aspire to do someday.  Well that day Read More

Meet My Mentor, Mary Nichols, Marketing and Social Media Guru

Mary Nichols has been one of my mentors for the last couple ofyears.  She is a brilliant social media goddess and truly understands authenticity and interactivity in her campaigns.

She's had huge success working for Coors, and most recently helped the mayor of Portland get elected.  She's a really fun and interesting lady.  Her edgy approach to life and business is what makes her my fav!

Enjoy this inspirational video!  Share your thoughts!