Video <3: Speaking Engagements: Using Interactivity to Engage Your Audience

Today I met with the Speakers Bureau of Hera Hub (a fabulous women's co-working center) to talk about how to increase interactivity into your presentations. Please share this video on your site, by embedding it, and/or through social media! 

The Blogcademy: A blogging conference that blew my mind!

From the moment that I walked into the cool photo studio in Los Angeles, I saw women decorated in bunny ears and sparkly headbands and I fell in love.  Now see, I don't consider myself to be "fashionable", or as trendsetting as these other ladies, but I do aspire to become more so.   I am a firm believer in aligning myself with people who are living their bliss and doing what I aspire to do someday.  Well that day Read More