Video <3: Speaking Engagements: Using Interactivity to Engage Your Audience

Today I met with the Speakers Bureau of Hera Hub (a fabulous women's co-working center) to talk about how to increase interactivity into your presentations. Please share this video on your site, by embedding it, and/or through social media! 

One thing that I had forgotten to mention in the lecture was that sometimes when you open up the presentation to be more interactive, it allows you to judge what your audience knows, and also increases your knowledge of great points to add to the presentation for the future.  

The problem with this is, sometimes you'll get things that aren't relevant or people can go off on tangents and you have to have control to bring them back to the topic at hand.  This takes practice and you can say things like "That's a great point, but what we're talking about here is a, b, and c."  If you get confronted with a question that you don't know how to answer you can say "That's a great question, and I want to make sure to give you the correct answer so after this presentation give me your email and I will find you the answer!"

In the video, I mention Mary Nichols of Karmic Marketing, who is one of my mentors and good friends!  She truly has inspired me on how to communicate in a way that is humorous and memorable.

Here is the video I was referencing when she gives an amazing icebreaker and has a phenomenal presentation that utilizes humor and her brand quite well!