Video <3: What is your why? With Simon Sinek

Today I bring to you one of my favorite videos of all time!

Simon Sinek at the Puget Sound Ted X program, gave one of the most brilliant lectures I've ever had the privilege of discovering!  You must watch this video, if you haven't already.  I promise it's worth the time.

He speaks about on the real reason people buy products and how you can be more deeply in-line with what you are selling, and why you are selling it.  Ultimately this comes from your purpose and passion. 

Think about the core reasons for why you do what you do.  Are you truly passionate about it?  Is it a way of life, or a philosophy that would make others passionate as well? If you can turn that into a vision that is something that not only your customers will passionately become devoted to, but something that your team will be motivated to take action with you, instead of just working for a check.

We are moving into an age of consumerism that requires alignment and shared beliefs, for a consumer to be "brand loyal."  Without these shared beliefs, a product or a business virtually can fall flat, or become a commodity that no one cares about.

More importantly, in this age of awakening, when the consumer demands products or services that are going to improve their lives and for the world as a whole, it makes everyone feel better about buying.  This is why the "green movement" is such a huge trend right now with businesses trying to appear to be more environmentally friendly to satisfy the need of consumers taking responsibility for trying to save the world.

I show this video to my university students to get their wheels turning about how to come from a more authentic place when they are considering any entrepreneurial adventure.  The results are always astounding:  their eyes light up, and they tell me how much they loved the video.  I feel like they associate the beliefs of the video with my core beliefs of why I am a teacher. 

It's a good ice breaker as I'm getting ready to teach a new class, because I'm indirectly saying:  "I care about you and I want to inspire you."  Ultimately I really want them to get the permission they're seeking to fulfill their dreams. 

The other message I hope that they take away with is, if they aren't passionate about something, then they most likely won't be happy in their careers, and they won't have the fulfillment that they could have had. 

You see, my "Why" is to inspire people through design, creativity, and the freedom of entrepreneurship. Nothing makes me happier than seeing light bulbs go off and hearing success stories about how my shared knowledge has made someone further than where they were before. 

I have been an entrepreneur my whole life (starting in the third grade) and in the instances where I decided to be employed,  (Nike, which was super fun), in most cases there is nothing better than:

1. Being who you are  (Authenticity)

2. Loving what you do (Passion & Purpose)

3. Having the freedom to do what you want (Happiness)

4. Getting inspired or learning something that makes your life better. (Self- Improvement)

5. Being of service to the world to make someone's life better (Gratitude)

What epiphanies did you have from Simon's video?  What is your why?  Leave a comment in the box below! 

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