Top 5 Adorable & Slightly Controversial Things I'm Thankful For This Year

Today is not about business for my blog, today is a little bit about me....I could give you a typical sappy, love filled post about how much I love my family, friends, my awesome business and my puppy Picasso.  I will start off by saying I am so thankful for them and appreciate them on a daily basis, but to be extra thankful for them on this day feels a bit redundant and like "DUH!"

Today I want to be thankful for some things I don't generally recognize, but bring an incredible amount of joy into my life.

5. Ryan Gosling and His Humbly Adorable Laugh

If you haven't seen this video below (click on the pic), this will make your heart sing! OH my goodness the sweetness of his demeanor is making me die in a puddle of my own drool.  I am thankful for this because it fills my heart with joy, also makes me giggle, and gives me faith that I indeed will meet a guy with an adorable laugh someday and we will laugh like this together. Here's something hilarious:  I put a picture of him on my vision board for 2014.  Yes I feel like I am in high school -- but you gotta dream big right?   Maybe I'll just meet a guy who embodies his essence  -- either way win-win!

While doing an interview with Grae Drake for Gangster Squad, Ryan Gosling is stunned to learn that someone makes a dish towel with his face on it. 

4. Being Single

As you may know a few months ago I broke up with my almost  fiancé, whom I still adore and will always be one of my best friends.  (Read my Entry The Beautiful Break-UP: Choosing My Dreams Over Love) ,

In case you didn't read it, I did this to pursue my professional dreams and find someone that I shared more values with.  It was one of the hardest and best decisions I've ever made.

BUT, I have had moments going into the holidays thinking -- "Shit!  I'm 33 and single and it's the holidays... " Then I remember that first I made this decision to be single, AND my ex hates the holidays. So now I get to truly enjoy them with my family (who also loves them.) I am so excited to potentially meet someone someday who loves the coziness of this family time and we get to potentially dote on each other, instead of wishing the time to be over.

Besides I have the entire rest of my life to potentially spend the holidays with a partner, this year I'm reflecting on how to become the person I would want to be with for 2014 and beyond.  The lack of obligations to spend time with anybody else but my family is also nice!

Oh and did I mention dating is fun?  It's first dates, first kisses, first weekend get aways and endless fantasies of possibility. Being single can be amazingly fun if you approach it that way.  I always say, you have your whole life to be married -- go be frivolous and don't settle till you find the perfect combo of friendship, passion, intelligence, and balance, and of course someone you can make jokes with and maybe even someone who likes you just a TINY bit more than you like them.

3. My Healthy Bod!

According to the general health charts of height and weight, I'm considered "obese."  I say F That!  I do not accept that idea!  I'm curvy and well-proportioned.  So I am going to be thankful for that.  It's so easy to spend the entirety of the year dieting and trying to find happiness through being my ideal weight.  While I have changed my diet habits to be almost Paleo, for the most part I stopped dieting and stopped beating myself up for not being perfect all the time.  Instead I  started finding ways to work out that I love, eat foods that are whole, organic (while avoiding things like bread and sugar) and making sure to still eat things that are delicious. Now major changes are happening -- through aerobic strength training things like Pole dancing. Instead of being harsh on my body,  I try to look in the mirror and admire what I love.   It's working!!  I have a sexy body and I love it!

2. Pole Dancing


This is the most life changing thing I have ever done in regards to working out.  No wonder I'm thankful for my sexy bod!   Here is why I love it:  It's like yoga, mixed with cheerleading, acrobatics, gymnastics (without impact) and ice skating (the twirling!!) and it's always done to the best music with a lot of moves that make you feel oh-so-sexy.  Did I mention there is a community of non-judgemental amazing women? I can't NOT go!

I NEVER have to talk myself into going, I feel like I am going to die if I miss it!... I pay $175 a month to The Dollhouse Fitness for unlimited classes which include performing for an in studio party with friends and family four times a year.  If you can do anything for yourself for the new year, find a pole dancing studio and do it!  I have only been doing it 2 months and I could do like nine million push ups and fling myself upside down like Cirque Soleil acrobat.  

1. My High Self Esteem, Gratitude, Self Worth and Positive Thinking

One time an old boyfriend told me that the thing he loved the most about me was my high self esteem.  Another one said that I could take any situation and truly find good in it.  I think that just as everyone does I go through moments hating the back of my thighs or I accidentally date a goober who thinks that I'm not good enough for him, BUT in the end I do ultimately know that i'm worth everything I wish for!

This means being able to charge what I am worth as a designer, dating someone who thinks I'm the bees knees (and not wasting time with those who don't),  knowing that I can have whatever I put my mind to, and that I just have to be gracious, thankful, and ask the universe politely.

I can have anything because I deserve it! You can too!!!  I'm not more deserving than anyone else, so you really can have everything you want too, it's all about how you think about things.  Do you feel worthy enough to pursue your dreams -- the guy, the job, the life that you want?  If you don't, my recommendation is to get a life coach / mentor to put things in perspective like Debby Eubank.  HOLY SNIKEYS  the work we've done together is life changing and I truly am living the life I want!

Happy Turkey Day everyone!  I am thankful for you!

What Almost Controversial Things are you Thankful for?!