Powerful Trends You Probably Don't Know About (Part 2)


Day 8 of 200 Days of Blogging


Adapted From Nancy Glover, City of Temple who presented on Pinterest / Instagram

  • Creating a pin-it button for your site, (not to be confused with a link to your Pinterest page),  is a button that allows people to pin photos, diagrams, illustrations from your website to "pin" to Pinterest onto a board.  This pin from your site to their Pinterest board will link back to your site. This is an often overlooked way to encourage visitors to inadvertently drive traffic back to your site.  If the item is good enough it could actually be re-pinned many times from other Pinterest users which would also drive traffic to your site.   Easy Peasy!
  • You can open boards up for public participation, where people can interact with a theme, and everyone can participate.  This can be a fun way to create interactivity with your boards.  Let's say you worked for a university, there could be a board for "blue" and for "gold" and everyone posts gold or blue things in relationship to a school's colors.
  • The corporation Target has some wonderful examples of how to use Pinterest, (Target's Pinterest Page) with instead of showing pictures of their products they're showing how-tos with their products, these are all categorized creatively on their page. 
  • You could collect pins related to valuable topics, for example if you wanted to do a board on Women's Health, you could frequent valuable health resources -- Women's Health Magazine, Self Magazine, etc. And pin charts, reports, or images that link back to valuable articles for your clients who frequent your Pinterest page.
  • PinPuff is a PInterest Analytics for you to follow how items you are pinning are being used!  SO awesome!
  • You could feature most popular pins on your site


  • Running photo contests with hashtags is an excellent way to not only create customer interactivity, but to also create potential photos for marketing materials (with permission of the originator of course)
  • Statigram is Instigram analytics, and is also incredibly awesome!
  • This tip from the Blogcademy that I attended last spring -- A way to win huge fan followings and look like you have an incredibly awesome Instagram page is to sort of cheat -- take amazing photos with a digital SLR, size them down and email them to yourself,  then access the image via your phone, download it to the phone, and then upload via instagram.  People will think you are such an amazing phone photographer --because with such a high quality image, with the cool filters.  Awesomesauce!

It feels so nice to be back in San Diego. I'm recovering from such an amazing time at the LERN conference.  I highly recommend that you go next year as it is taking place in Florida at Disney World!  So awesome! Cannot wait for that.  I had entirely way too much fun in San Fran this year, and almost as much fun at the conference in Chicago back in 2009!  I am officially addicted to the LERN conference.  What I am reporting on here is just a tiny taste of all that the conference has to offer!

What are you currently doing to work your Pinterest and Instagram strategies?  Share in the box below and come back tomorrow for Part 3 which will be titled Powerful Tools You Probably Don't Know about --