Powerful Tools You Probably Don't Know About! (Part 3)

Day 9 of 200 Days of Blogging

Today is the final day of the "Powerful ____  You Probably Don't Know About"  Series. It's been so popular I might revive this at some point.   I am so excited to share these amazing tools are going to blow your mind!!!  By the way I'm not sponsored by any of these companies, I just think they are noteworthy. Click the downloadable PDF's at the bottom to get his full lectures with all this content and more from LERN.  (He told me I could link them! Isn't he a radtastical?!  Thanks Dan!)

Adapted From Dan Bellhassen

  • Capterra --A company that will interview you by phone for a software solution that you need -- anything in your business and they will find you a business that meets your needs.  It doesn't cost anything!  (They must be getting kickbacks from the company)  This is a pretty cool resource if you think of something very specific that you need!  Use it as a free research tool if you need something specific for your site or business.
  • SEO MOZ-  Google Analytics but communicated in reports that are marketing focused -- with data visualizations, custom reporting, competitive insights, and actionable recommendations
  • Bold Chat - If a visitor to your site is having difficulties this gives a way for them to chat with you live to your mobile device!  You can have multiple users (for your team) to potentially answer questions.  This is an excellent way to get rid of Help email exchanges and encourage sales!!  Can you imagine this for a launch!?  AWESOME!
  • Optimizely-- This is by far my favorite, you can run really simple A/B testing on your site.  So let's say you want to understand if a certain Opt-in works better than another, you can do the changes to your site without a programmer (for the sake of the test) you can drag things around, change headlines, colors, layout -- then it will run what you currently have on your site, with the changes you made by giving you a HTML code to plug into your site, where the one you are trying to test will come up half the time, and the regular design will run the other half the time.  The system collects data on which works more effectively!  Then you go back to your web designer to make the permanent changes later based on what happens with the test.
  • Lucky Orange- Big brother is totally watching -- this is so creepy, totally cool, and amazingly insightful.  It allows you to watch live visitors interact with your website.  They have a tendency to move the mouse where they are looking, so you can see are they confused, what are they searching for -- what are they clicking on - how long are they staying on certain pages!  So interesting!
  • WDayStudios -  I cannot get over how this site makes SUPER professional animations with voice overs for $500 for a one minute commercial.  Supposedly they are fast too!  
  • LiveActor.com - Have you ever seen those websites where an actor pops out on the website and starts talking to you!  Or perhaps you need the actor to be in an environment -- they use green screens. This site does this and so much more.  PIck the actor / actress that fits the style you are looking for, tell them what to wear, what kind of personality to have when they are delivering your message and BAM you have a spokesperson without having to hire a camera crew.  30 sec vid - $599, 1 min for $699

Dan was kind enough to give me permission to give you links of PDF's  all of the resources from his talks at LERN, so if you liked the information from this series.  I highly recommend downloading all of these!!!!

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LERN San Francisco 2013: Email Marketing Success

LERN San Francisco 2013: Laser Focused Online Advertising

LERN San Francisco 2013: Mobile Apps

The mobile app one is awesome cause you can learn about something to make a mobile app for you business in 15 min for only a few bucks a month!