Two FREE Time Efficiency Apps and a Co-Working Space that Rocks!

Day 2 of 200 days of Blogging.

Today was one of those days where everything goes wrong. I am in the process of doing my first ever VIP days with one of my graphic design clients who lives 3 hours away. Everything that could go wrong today, did... in regards to productivity!  

First the GPS on my phone stopped working getting me lost, and making me late.  My client wanted to meet me at a public place because the power went out for nine hours at her house, (where we were supposed to be working.)

The Starbucks we went to had super slow Wifi and terribly annoying music.  My client's ipad wouldn't work and it took hours to get it set up.

This client is a friend of mine, so I brought my adorable puppy Pablo Picasso for her to meet, and then my puppy got sick and made a mess.  (Remind me to not ever bring my adorable puppy on a business meeting again, friend or not! Sick puppies are NOT good for productivity.)

I'd like to call this day, a-no-good-very-bad-DAY regarding productivity, but here is how I turned it around to an awesome productive NIGHT.

We decided by 3pm this was not a day of productivity so we said to the heck with it and went and got mani-pedis and had a relaxing evening hanging out in candles and fire, (No power for hours!.)   Not too bad.  The power came back on at 9pm and then we came up with some brilliant stuff to develop her brand.  Sometimes the universe just wants you to chill out and not work too hard, have some girl time, make your nails beautiful--- so that you feel good --- so that when you do work, you can create greatness!  My life coach Debby Eubank would call this greatest good and living in the flow! 

That being said, this situation reminds me of the importance of being effective with time AND having a really reliable place to work.  The first thing I'd like to mention is a Time Efficient app called Self Control

Self Control is one of the most useful apps ever!  It blocks any site that you tell it to for a set amount of time to help you get work done.  So if you want -- no facebook, twitter, or email.  Even if you reboot your computer it will not release these sites until the timer runs out!    I got SO much work done in a short time by allowing it to remind me not to distract myself with social media or anything to be more productive. Thanks Anne McColl for this!

The second App is called Toggl, this is by far one of the best Time Keeping apps I've ever seen. (Thanks Debby Eubank!)  It allows you to categorize things and create key terms to gather data for reports.  It is so easy to use and a wonderful way to keep time of things without having to pay a hefty fee or learn a complicated program.

There is another thing that I really started to appreciate today, which is the desperate need I had for a professional place to work (even though I was outside of my normal territory.)  I belong to a women's co-working space called Hera Hub in San Diego.  

This amazing women's co-working center is a place that has free reliable wifi, very professional meeting rooms and an environment that is like a spa. There would have been someone on staff to help me with my client's ipad issues, and heck there might have even been some sort of Guru to help with any area of expertise imaginable.  I would have KILLED for a Hera Hub today, it could have made my VIP day go way more smoothly and WAY more productive.

What do you use for productivity in your work flow?  Where do you feel the most productive?  Answer the in the comments below.