Top 10 Ways You Know You are Living Your Bliss (at Work)

10. Work makes you feel good

Your work should make you feel awesome about 80% of the time. If you aren't feeling this way, it could be that you aren't working within your true calling.  Sure, we all have things we don't like doing,  but if you find yourself complaining, feeling trapped and/or miserable a great percentage of the week, then might be time to ponder whether or not it's time to change career paths!

9. People often tell you "You Rock!"

People will be enamored by your talents and you would likely agree with them.  This is because what you are doing is something you are confident in. If you truly are living your purpose, your work is something that is a true talent and gift to the world AND something you enjoy.  If you aren't being told that you rock at your profession on a regular basis, it might be time to re-evaluate if this truly is your gift to the world.  When you live your purpose, people will offer you work, hire you on the spot, and be trying to get a piece of your talent.

8. Work feels inspiring

You feel as if you are doing something great in the world and it is greatly benefitting your clients and your business. You also feel that you are getting just as much satisfaction right back.  If you are feeling drained, exhausted, and bored; these are all warning signs that you might not be on the right path or you are outgrowing this career path.  It could also mean that you aren't working with the right type of clients.  My whole entire world changed for the better when I started only working with companies that truly inspired me and were aligned with my interests.  I started flexing my "no" muscle which lead to having room for saying yes to those amazing clients when they showed up.  I will never say "Yes" to a client just for money ever again!

7. You are excited to get up in the morning 

Living your purpose makes waking up much easier.  If you hate going to bed at night because you are dreading the following day, this is a huge warning sign!  There shouldn't be any dread, except for maybe the occasional maintenance sort of things you may need to do, but aren't exactly thrilled about. (Perhaps this is a hint to hire these things out so you can focus on what you really love.)

Your life's purpose through work should be interesting, thrilling, or exciting for you more often than not.  This means working in a positive environment and something that is continually feeding your soul!

6. Your work can grow with you

We are ever-changing beings.  If you find yourself feeling like you know everything that there is to know about a job and it's sort of becoming mundane, or you are working with the same type of clients with the same sorts of services too long, think about where you want to go and how these experiences are helping you grow as a person and as a professional. Is there a glass ceiling?  Are you in a dead-end situation?  Does it feel like Ground Hog's Day? You should constantly be striving for the next steps to get to. If there is no place to go, it might be time to create an exit strategy.

5. Your proud of what you do

You aren't ashamed to tell people what you do, and feel excited by sharing your accomplishments within your work.

4. You are not just surviving but thriving!

You need to get paid.  If you are working within a business or a position where you are barely making ends meet this is not living your bliss.  When you are doing exactly your purpose, working with ideal clients, or working within an environment that is supporting your strengths by also adequately compensating you.  It's hard to be blissful when you are broke.

3. You are doing something you've always dreamed about

This is a great sign that you are living your bliss.  Generally when your envisioning something that makes you feel wonderful in your mind's eye, there is a reason for it.  It's okay to dream big. It's certainly okay to dream of things that are unexpected and maybe even grandiose.

2. You feel like you can never learn enough

This is part of being inspired, but when you are living your bliss you want to be better. It should thrill you to learn everything you can about what you are doing, even when you aren't working.  It should feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to learn everything you want to learn about your profession.

1. You feel like work is play

This is that wonderful feeling of getting paid to do something that doesn't feel like work.  Perhaps you even have moments of feeling shocked that you get paid to do something so in line with your talents, passions and interests. 

In my current profession as a graphic designer, the vast majority of the time work feels like play.  I feel as if I would be doing this without getting paid (but I know what I am worth so I get paid a lot!)  I feel the same about teaching.  If you do not feel this way, and work really truly feels like work.  Might be time to think about what would be fun, and something that someone would actually pay you for. 

Life is too short to not love what you are doing the majority of the time!  So go do!

What do you love about your work? Are you living your bliss?  If so, how do you know it's your bliss?