Catherine Cerulli

Health & Wellness Practitioner - Never touched photoshop or illustrator before!

"Jenna is such an incredible teacher. She is an expert in her field of design, and is an amazing teacher. She is so dedicated to her students. It comes out in the way she organizes her materials, the support materials she provides to us and all of the support you get through the Facebook group, as well as in the VIP course, which I took. She provides that extra hand holding and encouragement that someone like me really needed."

"I can just say, unequivocally, that this course, launch your brand, was the best business investment I have made in getting the technology expertise i needed to actually get a website out there. For anyone who, like me, who did not know her c-s-s from her a-s-s, I’ll tell what, you will come out of this course with confidence, clarity and a wonderful website."

 Catherine Cerulli -

Student Work Produced in Class

Logo design, Squarespace cover page, Brand Identity Strategy