carisa montooth

Relationship Coach

“If you’re not a designer and you’re not artistically inclined I would recommend you go ahead and still take the course. If you have, like, reservations, and you’re like, “but I don’t know if I can design”, I really am not a designer at all and I learned SO MUCH from the course. And even if I do have to bring in a designer, I will know exactly how to communicate to them what I need without them having to guess and without them having to interpret my concepts from scratch and I will be confident that I can get some creations from them that are exactly what I need.”

“Her program is a fantastic package that gives you so many great skills, practical skills, that you can learn to design your website right now.”

“I would tell any new entrepreneur that wants to try to create for themselves to definitely take the LYB class. It’s a fantastic class. You get skills you can use right away. Even if you’re concerned that you’re not a designer, I’m not a designer, I know that a lot students who took her class went on to become designers because they developed the skills that they needed during the course of her class, as a result of taking her class."


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