If you are thinking... but I can't afford it...

Here's six reasons you can't afford not to:

  1. This program is priced to be less expensive than hiring a designer, and set up to save you money all the way around...You originally planned on hiring a designer, right?  Let's take a look at that cost: A less-experienced but affordable designer, generally charges $500 for a logo and $1000 for a site...For a more experienced, and amazing designer you are looking at $1000 for a logo and $3-5,000 for a site.... My most robust program is $500 less than hiring a less experienced designer. Not to mention all the money you'll save from having the ability to design little projects, and make edits to anything now or in the future.

  2. You could pay upwards of $10k for one-on-one client brand development with me, so in other words, this program is access to my input for 1/10th what I normally charge.  Why would I do this? Because working with 50 people doing the heavy lifting, is actually easier than doing it by my lonesome!  T-E-A-M, as a class we really do achieve way more together, so might as well pass the savings onto you.  

  3. People who have done the 14 day program reported saving 80% on pro design services by providing a designer with the brand strategy they developed in this course. This is because you do all the heavy lifting with me, which makes any designers job WAY easier... it's also much easier to get what you want with an expert strategy, than hiring a less-experienced designer that might be trying to guess what to do.

  4. You can't afford to make a terrible first impression, with materials that are poorly designed, and when you are on a budget this can happen easily, if you DIY things you need help. Period.

  5. No one can design what's in your mind, the way you can! Getting out your ideas, playing, trying things on, can cost you more with a designer... You can play as much as you want, do a million concepts, and not have to pay a penny more.. That's why I named my company "YOU CAN BRAND!!" Clever, right? 

  6. This is all about not just making something that looks amazing, but is effective, and a designer that doesn't have the marketing background and branding knowledge will not get you the results that you are looking for!  With my guidance, you'll get both something that looks amazing and is effective, or I'll step in and make it happen for you.