Which kind of entrepreneur are you?


I just spent the last seven days walking the beautiful beaches of Hawaii allowing myself the rare luxury of "time to think."

One day, I was listening to Gary Vaynerchuck who was giving consulting to a client on his podcast...

... and he said to the guy....

"Maybe you need to go to Hawaii for a week and just think."=

I stopped dead in my tracks and almost squirted Kona coffee right out my little nose, cause that is EXACTLY what I was doing!  

(Hello there "synchronicity"-- my old friend!)

I have lovingly called this week a "Hawaiian THINK-CATION” and apparently, it's where I get my best ideas!  

The purpose of thinking was to find ways to shift myself and my business to create some of the best work of my life, and how to truly become a SOURCE for you...!

You know that feeling when you're BIRTHING a new idea, and it's super awkward,anxiety-filled, painful, scary and exciting all at the same time because you don't know if it's the right thing?  

... where you're just waiting for the intuitive epiphany to hit so you can breathe and take action...

Whelp, I went through ALL of that lovely pain for the entire week until ...It hit me like a ton of coconuts…(bahahaha!) 

.... I came up with something that I think might make you hula so hard... your skirt might fall off!


How can I help you create INFLUENCE and become a LEADER in your industry, and help you build a brand/business that supports that?


I needed to create a MODEL for helping you see where you're currently at === and what needs to transform for "WHO YOU NEED TO BE" to become this influential powerhouse!

So I started to think of my entrepreneurship journey and I noticed a stark difference of the mindset, ways of being, in the first 4 years of my business.... versus now.  


I made a list of all the things that were NOT working prior to me launching in 2013…. 
Then I made a list of all the things I'm striving to be NOW.... that fuel everything I do.

Are you ready for this magic? You're definitely going to fall into one of these two categories...  I'm so excited!!  Look at the descriptions below and tell me...






  • Watches peers pass her by, wondering why she’s not the leader in her industry


  • Is not making a full-time income from her business yet, so she can’t get out of her day job, or has to do something she doesn’t want to do to make ends meet.


  • Suffers from overwhelm & analysis paralysis...so it takes forever to get things out


  • Is always GUESSING on strategy and content creation 


  • Suffers from website shame and/or does not know why it’s not generating leads, sales, or positioning her as an expert  (Actually you might even like your site, but it’s not working the way you want!)


  • Is addicted to buying courses & coaching and not doing the work


  • Sounds sales-y or over promotional in her content, without meaning to... she just NEEDS to make sales to survive!


  • Is reactive… instead of proactive… and has a fear of failing and/or a fear of success


  • Often suffers from a scarcity mindset: She won't give her best stuff away for free in fear that no one will buy from her if she does, or that she'll run out of the good stuff!


  • She wants to value her time but has shiny object syndrome so badly she’s constantly jumping from thing to thing 


  • Is panicking often, and doubting her decisions


  • Is scared to hire help, because she’s trying to “save money”


"The Influencer"  YOU 2.0


  • Is a leader in her industry and is known by other influencers


  • Makes consistent income from her products & services and is scaling up


  • Knows exactly what to do every day when she sits down to work on her business.


  • Has a clear strategy of how content leads a customer to a sale
  • Has a beautiful, professional, brand & website that generates quality leads and consistent sales


  • Strategically buys courses when she needs them and implements right away


  • Over delivers value in her content and giving her audience transformative wins to create influence


  • Has an abundance mindset, believes in herself and is unattached to results


  • Is proactive and know she will crush any obstacle as long as she doesn’t quit


  • She’s learned saying "No" to things that don’t serve her is saying "Yes" to things that do. In other words, her time is gold and she treats it that way


  • Only works in her genius zone, and has a team that supports her vision




If you rated yourself 1.0-1.5 The Hopeful Entrepreneur:

...and want to become the Influencer in the next year, I have something that will get you super excited.

I’m looking for beta testers for a course I’m revising.  The beta test is free, and the “experience” will be sold later to my audience. I need your help to flesh out this experience and gain some testimonials... AND I want to help you.

It’s called “The Influence Incubator”... It starts this Mon April 16 -20 - NEXT WEEK!

It’s a One Week experience with me online helping you flesh out your CORE BUSINESS FOUNDATIONS... what’s not working in your signature offering / who you’re targeting, and your way of being that is NOT working for you.

This experience is a group coaching incubator that will help you develop the foundation to become the Influencer I know you want to be!

I want to see if I can help you get a big win in a very short period of time.  This is my way of being of service to my community, but I only want serious participants who are actually going to do the work.

APPLY HERE to BETA TEST for “THE INFLUENCE INCUBATOR” (No Charge for Incubator)... 

In the incubator you will figure out:

  • Are you doing the right kind of business aligned with your passions and personality?
  • Have you adequately done competitor research on what’s out there and how your product/service is better? (Competitive advantage)
  • Have you created a solid why to what you’re doing
  • Have you interviewed 1-on-1 your ideal clients to truly discover what they want and need so you aren’t guessing
  • Have you priced your products properly to meet the value you are delivering on
  • Have you named your products & services that communicate easily what you do and who you do it for
  • Is your brand & website creating a customer journey to sale?

By the end of the Incubator, you’ll have an 18 page plan of solid business foundations focused on helping you become an influencer, (even if you THINK you have them, you might need some serious revision and clarity) and I’ll be with you every step of the way.


If you rated yourself a 1.75-1.99…  “ALMOST an INFLUENCER”…

I have something that would be a better fit for you than the incubator.

“The Almost Influencer”

Has most of the traits of the Influencer above but does NOT have a brand or website that reflects the awesomeness of your offerings... If you’re working full time on your business and at least THREE of the following things:

  • Have made at least 20k in your products and services in the last year
  • You DO NOT have a website/brand that is consistently bringing you leads, and sales, and/or a brand that does not feel like YOU or you're looking to REBRAND
  • You’ve spent over $20k in your business in the last year
  • You have the desire to have a brand/website that is as professional as mine is

I want to give you a Brand/Website Assessment for free, to see if working in a small group or one-on-one would be a good fit for you.  

Normally I’d charge upwards of $1,000 for this assessment. <-- No charge for you.

>> "Almost Influencer - Brand / Website Assessment" (No Charge.)

Leave me a comment below and tell me what were your big ahas doing this?  What did you learn about yourself of where you are and where you want to be?  Also share this blog entry if you loved it!