Top 5 Ways Co-Working Solves All Your Entrepreneurial Problems


I finally found a little slice of heaven to work from everyday... It's called WeWork, and it's a huge fashionable co-working space in downtown San Diego and it's brand new!  

Instead of working at Starbucks or in a spare bedroom office... Imagine that you start working every day from a place that feels a little bit like the Friends coffee shop with a hipster bar and everyone there is an entrepreneur just like you!

It seriously has answered so many of my problems as a stay-at-home entrepreneur!  I can't even tell you!  (But I'm totally going to tell you at the bottom of this message, cause honestly my mind has been blown....and I think yours will be too!)

This office just opened in downtown San Diego, with just about 1700 desks and 5 floors. All the coffee drinks and micro brew IPA's, ping pong, fooseball, and hotties you can flirt with for FREE.  

There is also huge outdoor patio for outside working, with a stage, bar and fast wifi and outdoor games to play.  It's 100% dog-friendly so you can bring your pooch to work.  

Everyone thinks Picasso is the coolest...BTW!

And guess who I got to move into the office with me?  

Rachel Luna, Rick Mulready AND ... PAT FLYNN!!!! Omg!  

To see Pat every week is a dream!  This office is quickly becoming the Who's who of the San Diego entrepreneurial scene, and I feel lucky to be a part of it.  

For $630 a month I have my own office, all included 24/7 access, THE FASTEST INTERNET 300 MB up and down.

I also have the ability to utilize 12 days a month at any WeWork location in the world! They have them all over US and Europe.  They have 30 something locations in New York alone.

If I don't use my credits to work remotely, I get 12 hours a month of conference room time, and this month I'll be filming my first LIVE course here. More about that next week (as you're going to be invited to watch me live stream the filming of my course on evergreen funnels for FREE!) So keep your eyes posted for that.

Upon my first day of working, a private chef made us delicious omelettes, with a platter of amazing treats.  They often do events: Taco Tuesdays, Lunch and Learns (where you or someone teaches and they provide lunch), There has been Bob Ross coloring competitions with cocktails, Holiday Parties, Entrepreneurial meetups...and TGIM (Thank God It's Monday) breakfast experiences.

I feel like a little slice of Portland culture mixed with SD entrepreneurial spirit!

Top 5 Ways WeWork (or any co-working space) could Make You A HAPPIER more well-rounded entrepreneur!

  1. Taking a shower every day and putting on a cute outfit to go to the office, actually affects your self-esteem and your productivity, versus living in yoga pants showerless for days on end.
  2. Having a fashionable place to work is really good for business...having friends / associates / students, come visit you for lunch and for meetings is impressive and a great way to network and have more fun friend time.
  3. The commute every day allows me to catch up on podcasts and online courses. I either drive 30 minutes or take the train in San Diego (as I watch the beautiful ocean go by.) Either way I get in some serious podcast listening or reading done in the commute. I used to never have time for podcasts now they're the best way to consume amazing information EVERY DAY!
  4. Having Co-Workers is the best thing ever! (I call them Co-TWERKERS!) In the month that I've been here, I've gotten involved in collaborations, helped others, and gotten brilliant ideas from collaborating with other people besides just myself.  It's so nice seeing the same people every day and creating really awesome friendships that normally I wouldn't find at a coffee shop or at my house!  
  5. My Netflix / Hulu Addiction has disappeared.  I used to always jump on Hulu or Netflix to watch TV on my breaks from being too exhausted to DO anything.  Now if I need a break, I literally walk to the kitchen, have some decaf cappuccino (for FREE), grab a snack and connect with someone... usually a handsome gentleman, a cool girl I'd likely be friends with, or someone I'd want to collaborate with.

I end up going home everyday feeling fulfilled and satiated in the social department.  In the first week of me being in the office, I got featured in the San Diego Tribune. Check that out here.

If you're in San Diego, send me an email and perhaps we can meet for coffee or lunch here!  If you want to get a desk in your local WeWork, send me your name, phone, and address and I'll hook you up with an awesome course worth $197, if you rent an office!  --- Contact me at jenna (at) (I had to word it this way so my email doesn't get scraped by a spammer!)

In the comments below, share with everyone YOUR Experience with co-working centers, and some of your favorites to work at!