Map Out Your Life for 2017!

A few weeks ago, I get this message from my friend Rachel Luna..

She wanted some girly business time because she literally lives 15 minutes from me in Oceanside.. and we wanted to decompress after the holiday.

 (Side note:  Check out her site, I designed it!  And its the example I use in Launch Your Brand! So you too can design a site like it!)

First, we thought Mani-pedi's, then we thought SUSHI, then we thought why don't we do life maps?!

I thought about all the years I've done life maps and the process I have gone through. The most impactful life map I've ever done came to me from my friend Citt Williams.

We were living in Tokyo in 2009 at the time and she had me do this exercise. (She was a badass documentarian that did documentaries about climate change for the United Nations)

She said "go through this Excel spreadsheet and find the things that are MANDATORY and HIGH, write a very specific GOAL in relationship to the ones you've scored the highest with."

I had put on the map that I wanted to make $5,555 a month, and literally within 24 hours, I got a job that brought my monthly income to exactly that! I drew a dog with a spot over her eye that I wanted to adopt, and within 3 months I had a boyfriend with a dog with a spot over her eye. I wrote the kind of bedroom furniture I wanted for my fantasy bedroom and within 1 month I had that. I wrote that I wanted a website that would change the face of design and branding. And whelp, I'm sort of known for that now?!

Here is the Spreadsheet for you to use: 

You take a piece of paper and split it into 4 quadrants one for each section of the map, and add a visual to each one that represents the goal.

I did mine in Photoshop Mix for Ipad (but I don't recommend this unless you have Adobe Creative Cloud, and the Ipad Pencil...and even then it's sort of tricky) the EASIEST way to do this is either draw out little icons or cut them out of magazines.

Or you can get on Pinterest and Print out images you find to add to the board. Remember this is for your personal use! (For business design this is NOT okay for personal use this is fine)

Then you post your map next to your bed or in your bathroom so you see it everyday and it reminds you of your vision. The images help with reminding you of the goal without you having to read!

I really hope you enjoy this exercise and once you do it please post your life map in the comments! I want to see what your goals are for this year.

Thanks to Rachel for filming half this video!

(Also note this before my lashes came off. Now that I look at them they do look sort of all over the place! Maybe this is a blessing!)


My Lifemap for 2017:

  • Spend 6 months of year traveling in Europe, UK and Australia.
  • Develop a "For Purpose" organization that gives to worthwhile causes such as Habitat for Humanity and foster care programs
  • Consistently bring in $97,979 a month
  • Embrace divine feminine energy through spirituality
  • Create a pinup body that I love. (I superimposed my head on Marilyn's bod)
  • Get more speaking engagements that make an impact.... maybe TED? But at least 3 workshops a year!
  • Dance 3-5x a week
  • Have enjoyable dinner parties with new friends
  • Hire a team of rockstars to support my business: social media content dev, project manager, assistant

And find my Jason Schwartzman - funny, sweet, motivated, successful, (age appropriate 30-42) who loves me a tiny bit more and wants to start a family asap!

Tell me in the comments below what your goals are for 2017!  

And if you create an awesome life map, post below and I'll give you encouragement!