Let's Stop the hustle

A few weeks ago I was approached by an amazing video director named Jenny Taylor, who said "Jenna I think you're at the point in your business where it's time for you to have a brand video!" It could not have come at a more perfect time, as I'm just getting ready to release my new course this week "THE COURSE LAUNCHER" (Keep your eyes peeled for more about it coming out this week!) So we made one! And it was the funnest thing I've ever done! Check it out:


We shot the video in my apartment, with an amazing cinematographer that we found via Craigslist. I got hair and makeup done.

We found a way to create a video that truly shows what my life is like and how it makes for a successful business, and how that can happen for you if you create a business that

feels like an extension of who you are, and create things from an inspired place, versus a pushed or panicked place!

There is so much out there, about HUSTLING... gotta "Work hard" to make money I just don't subscribe to it, and I don't think you should subscribe to it either!

What's the point of making money if you're sleepless, your family is mad you because you don't spend time with them, maybe your body is making you sick from working so hard, and you feel like your working your cute butt into sheer frustrated exhaustion!?  I promise you, there is a better way!

"I believe it's better to produce work from an inspired place, instead of a pushed or panicked place! So let's STOP the Hustle!" (Click to Tweet)

I believe actually LIVING should come first, and it's no surprise that my biggest launch ever ($64,000) happened while I was adventuring through Europe! Am I a millionaire?! Nope! Do I care that I haven't reached that goal yet? Are you kidding me I'm strutting myself to that finish line, wearing cute outfits, and enjoying the journey.  When I get there, I get there.  Cause honestly, enjoying my life everyday is what makes me "rich!"

The video took us 15 hours to shoot, 13 hours to edit, we found an amazing cinematographer on Craigslist. In the last 24 hours the video has had 4500 views on Facebook, and my email list started to blow up! Being yourself totally works!

The point is showing your truest self, in your brand, featuring your real personality over perfection, is worth way more than trying to be someone else. Also creating courses for your business is way to multiply yourself instead of trading dollars for hours!

You are enough! I am enough! Let's bring your brilliance to the world, TOGETHER, shall we?!  Throw those sweat pants in the trash girl!  Let's wear something cute while we do it!


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tell me your reaction to the video and what you are doing to "Stop the Hustle" and actually enjoy your life?  

Also tell me about what kind of course you are dreaming of creating!