Webinars: Someone Else's Success Does Not Mean You are Failing!

About 11 days ago, I had joined an amazing manifestation program called Lucky Bitch Bootcamp. The fearless leader of the group, Denise Duffield-Thomas, had asked the group to write down their goals for the week. I wrote on a piece of paper, that I wanted to have a $10,000 week.

I was scared.  I felt a little greedy. I thought for a sec $10k in one week might be a little unrealistic. (Hello limiting beliefs!)

Would I make this? Or Would I feel like a failure in front of my new group of money manifesting besties. Would I be disappointed AGAIN for setting goals too high and not achieving them?!

I felt like it was a big goal, but something at least "possible" because I had a joint venture webinar planned with this amazing woman named Christine Tremoulet, and we were doing it on a topic that a lot of people want to know about with Squarespace and Blogging.  

Do Joint Webinars Work!?  

Christine Tremoulet, The Woman Who NAMED Wordpress!

Christine Tremoulet, The Woman Who NAMED Wordpress!

Christine and I decided to do a joint venture because our e-courses complement each other well.

My product is on Branding, Design, and Squarespace, called Launch Your Space!  Hers on blogging, called "You Have a Blog, Now What?"

Her people want to learn about Squarespace since she's the Wordpress queen (no she literally NAMED Wordpress) and my audience would love to learn more about blogging.  Hello brain exchange!

We cross promoted to our lists, people were excited. We were going to be bundling our products for a 24 hour "fast action-buy-it-in-24-hours-or-its-gone" strategy. I had a feeling it would do well, 280 something people registered.  

BUT THEN.....During the live webinar, not a single person bought! ACK!

Internally I felt a little defeated. I mean the training went on for 3 HOURS, people seemed to love it, and the 70 people showed up stayed for 1.25 hours of it, and 30 of them stayed for the ENTIRE thing.... But I still really fought back feelings of FAILURE... as this seems to be one of my most triggering fears since no one just jumped right in, right away.

This Sassy Lady Makes 40k a Month from Webinars, Why Can't I?

Mariah Coz from Femtrepreneur.co

Mariah Coz from Femtrepreneur.co

After no one bought, I was little worried that maybe this idea of using webinars is not going to be as easy as I've seen other people have it.  

For example, I have a new biz bestie from Femtrepreneur.co, named Mariah Coz, that consistently makes about $40k+ a month doing joint venture webinars.  We did one together that brought in about $5k in sales.  But, as I jumped into these on my own,  could I do them successfully with new joint venture people? This is what I was trying to find out.

Mariah and I had done a joint venture webinar, in May, that had grossed about $5,000 from our bundle.  But, I was in the middle of a traditional launch with videos and launch emails....  But keep in mind this is still amazing, cause only 30 people were on live, and they were with her list of people who did not know anything about me, with the exception of her emails introducing me and the training.

This time with Christine Tremoulet and I were doing a joint webinar with NO LAUNCH... Just straight up pitching at the end of our jam packed training, and opening the program without really telling my list we had planned to do that.  

After the training was over, I went to bed with some "failure" themed thoughts, and then made the decision to shift my conscious thinking. I actually made the conscious decision to not worry, not feel like a failure, and just feel gratitude that I get to connect with amazing people, help them, and do something that I love every single day.

I had faith in the universe, and truly feel like the universe has faith in all of the good I try to put in the world.

The Something Amazing Happened!  24 Hours = $12,000 in Sales

So I woke up the next day to order, after order, after order coming in.  Now keep in mind when you have a $997 product,  you don't need that many people to buy to have things be successful.  It only took 12 sales to do this.

Apparently people need a little more time than a 3 hour webinar to make a $1k decision, but the 24 hour time limit to get the bonuses was enough time! (Noted!)  Also, I discovered a few other things along the way... I had done three non-pitch webinars,  FULL of value, over five weeks prior to this one.  I had created super affordable payment options.

I had done a high value periscope, the week before without pitching. And in the end, some of the secret sauce, is in about creating a sense of urgency with a joint venture bundle, and it's ALL about the email sequence following the webinar.  

The last key ingredient is selling something that truly hits a pain point for people, so that they can justify the investment in themselves, and it helps if it's business related so that it can be a write off!

The most exciting part about all of this? This was the highest grossing webinar I've ever had, it's almost 50% of the revenues I made my entire last launch that took me SIX MONTHS to put together, and here it all happened within 3 hours, and 24 hours of waiting.  

I didn't do a single Facebook ad, or pay a Facebook consultant, like I had the previous launch.  No launch videos. Just a joint venture webinar with a complementary product and a LOT of value leading up to it.  

As a side note: Mariah from Femtrepreneur.co has pretty much taught me everything I know about joint venture webinars, and this is proving to be GOLD in regards to list building and sales, even more so than traditional video launches. She just released an AMAZING program about how to do joint venture webinars, called Webinar Rockstar.  ** You must get this program, it is straight up ah-ma-zing!

Use Comparison-itis as Your Fuel 

I decided to post the success story of the manifestation to the Facebook group of fellow manifesters, and one woman made a comment that this story made her want to cry.  One because she was happy and excited for me, but another because she wanted this for herself.

I could relate with this feeling ALL too well.  There have been entrepreneurial peers who have come into my online groups with shouted proclamations of having six figure, or even million dollar launches, and MOST of them have made me feel inspired.  

But sometimes if a program was similar to mine, or a person has acted competitive about it,  I'd go into "comparison-itis" mode and feel like a failure.  When this kind lady shared her emotion with me, I knew the feeling instantly, and I could finally formulate the feelings into words.

  "One person's success, does NOT mean you are failing.  It just means you haven't found your secret sauce YET!"

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What is your Secret Sauce?

If you aren't getting the results you want YET, It just means you haven't found your secret sauce! What is your secret sauce?  You want to do things that light you up!  It might just be : Joint Webinars. I fought webinars for a year out of fear, now they are the funnest thing I do to connect with my audience. 

It could be you haven't found the best way to connect with your audience, or you are not connecting with them on a regular basis.  Maybe you are not doing the right things to build your list.  

I pretty much have spent over 84% business revenues, reinvested into my business. Over $92,000 in business expenses, most of it in coaching and in programs, only to bring in $109k last year.

This does not mean you need $92k to do this, but it does beg the question are you investing in yourself and your business, and buying education products and ACTUALLY DOING THEM!?  If not, it's time to change that.

You just need to be educating yourself constantly and testing everything. Get involved in mastermind groups with people who want the same things as you and share ideas, so that you have what I like to call "accountabilibuddies" and share what you've learned through and stay accountable to each other.  


Just remember this isn't a race.  You might actually be winning more than you're consciously appreciating.  Be gracious.  Be Open.  Do the right things (things that are actually working! Not wasting time continuously doing the things that aren't!) and let the abundance flow!

If I can do this, you can to! 

** I am an affiliate, but I do not recommend anything that I don't personally use and approve of for my business!