Get out of your pajamas, Babe!

Get out of your pajamas, Babe!

Being an entrepreneur, how often do you work in your pajamas!?  It's one of the perks of being an entrepreneur, but it also can be a bad habit if you do it ALL the time.  (Confession: I do it ALL the time!)

A few days a week, I'll get dressed up for myself.  I used to think if I wore a stylish dresses, as long as they fit, and looked cute, they were good enough for my brand.  

Boy, was I naïve.

I’m about ready to tell you about something that has helped me, that I feel would help you with your personal brand immensely. 

A few weeks ago, I put on a $500 dress and I wore it to coffee.   On the way six people stopped me, on my walk to the coffee shop, to talk about my dress.   This NEVER happens to me.

I had no idea, that a $500 dress would make people treat me so much differently.  

Here I am posing with Picasso, in my Troubadour dress, in my living room:

What they didn’t know is that the dress is rented!!!  

I have always admired designer clothing, but also thought it was a huge waste of money.   I mean, who has an extra $500- $1,000 for an outfit?  

I’d rather buy a plane ticket  ---not a dress.

But that being said, I need well-fitted, well-made clothes for my business and brand, all the time (and you probably do too!) I have to dress for photo shoots, Instagram shoots, interviews, web videos, and it’s important to not wear the same thing twice.

So I discovered this dress rental service, when, one of my followers mentioned on Facebook this thing called “Rent The Runway.”  And even if you have heard of RTW, they've done something amazing.

(Note:  I am NOT an affiliate nor do I work with or for them) I don’t give a flying hoot if you use this service or a different one, but I do think it’s literally one of the best business ideas I've ever encountered in my life.  And I think this could be hugely instrumental in your brand success if you follow in my footsteps.)

The service I’m using is like the Netflix of Designer Dresses: Called UNLIMITED on RentTheRunway. This service gives you three designer dresses at a time for $97 month. 

(Let’s break this down: Three dresses at a time, shipped to your door, send them back, get three more…  If I wear these often, I could seriously have about $9,000 worth of outfits for $97 a month. )

This has blown my mind.

This business idea has solved three major PAINS:

1. That designer clothes are too expensive

2. That you can’t be frivolous in trying new things because of the investment

3. Buying clothes on the Internet is risky because of fitting issues

This service now allows me to be frivolous and adventurous trying new designers, wear amazing dresses, and if only 1 out of 3 dresses fit, I'm still getting thousands of dollars worth of dresses to wear a month.

Why this is amazing for your brand:

  1. Get inspired by this business idea.....You should create a business that solves problems like this.  Look I’m shouting this biz as a referral from the rooftops for FREE!  You want this for your biz!
  2. You should know that people really are attracted to those who are wearing clothing that give them confidence and look HIGH QUALITY, which reflects on the outside, how you feel on the inside, and what it's like to work with you....(Priceless)
  3. You can now wear clothes that get you respect, attention, admiration that you totally deserve! J HELLO GOOD PERSONAL BRANDING!  You can thank me later for this.  PS. It's really great for getting dates!

Now you have an excuse to get out of your pajamas, take a shower, and get OUT of the house to work on your business.

My advice? Wear Vera Wang to coffee! 

To see more of my awesome dresses....