How I launched this BADASS Brand -- Part 1

NOTE: For Part 2 of this series about "How to Get What You Want from a Designer" Click here

Way back..... almost a YEAR ago (next month), at the birth of my website, crazy things started happening.  It was because of the great design of my website and brand identity that I started getting noticed.  

In the first month, had over 5,000 hits on my website that month, I had over $33,000 in sales with the launch of my first program... Ali Brown, put my website up on a big screen in front of thousands of people at her Elevate live conference (within days of launching) and I did all of this without doing any traditional marketing.  It was straight up BANANAS!

Here are the FIVE Things that I did to make it a success...

(Let's get out a pen and paper and take some notes here to apply to your own brand....)

  1. It was ALL based on the professionalism of my brand identity and my website.  It was memorable, attractive, and did NOT look like every other website out there. Does your site look like someone else's, have bad photography, poor colors, bad fonts?!)
  2. My offerings were fitting a real need in the marketplace. (Find out what people want and give it to them -- don't guess -- ASK THEM!)
  3. I was being an example of what I could do for others. (Do you practice what you preach?!)
  4. It was all about relationships and being of service in the Facebook groups I was a part of. (Have you been developing a tribe, being of service before you launch?)  
  5. Keeping it simple!  Straight up great brand design, that made me likable, trustworthy, that was promoting a product people really needed.  (K.I.S.S. Keep it simple, sassypants!)

I actually didn't do any adverts or webinars for a year, just straight up networking via Facebook, which you may have guessed, might not have worked if people weren't attracted to my photography etc.

The main takeaway here is:

If you want to be known for something, you need to be a shining example.

And for me, that meant having a brand that people would get super excited about. AND creating the best possible version of yourself so that people know, like and trust you.  

The requests and opportunities to design other people's brands started coming in (including some celebrities), and because I was SO busy with my program and teaching 6 university classes, I had to be VERY picky about who I took on as a client -----and had to keep it to ONE design client at a time.

In walks Gabrielle Carsala, who has a dream to bring happiness to women in the world....and I knew that this would be the perfect kind of client for me.

She had a dream, and I helped make it come true.... with my art direction, my photographer, her ideas and dream put with my technical power and creative prowess and BAM her, dream website was born... Here are a few screenshots from the site  -- I designed her site on Squarespace, the site I created my site on and all of my student's sites on.....

But how did we get to this end result!?   There was a very clear process that I want to share with you and I will reveal this "BADASS" process to you over the next few days so stay tuned!!!

In the meantime, in the comments below, ask me about --- branding process and any questions you have so far....!!

Check out these shots of Gabrielle's Badass Bliss Site, that I designed for her:

NOTE: For Part 2 of this series about "How to Get What You Want from a Designer" Click here