Adidas Brand Manager - Interview - PART 2!

How are you dear?  

Gosh, I'm doing fan-fricking-tabulous!!!!!!! Thanks for asking!  I have been doing some killer stuff over here.  First just finished a HUGE branding project with a rockstar client, that I cannot wait to share with you.

I have a new blog series coming out about that next week called "How I launched someone else's brand" which will take you through my entire branding process for this ah-maze-balls client I have.  (If you liked the blog series about how I launched my own brand, you'll love this...AND if you missed that it's right here.)

What will be vibetastic about this, is I will be showing mood boards, to execution, we even used the same photographer from my brand, and I got my toes wet in brand video shooting and editing. (Albeit, Adobe After Effects might be the death of me... BUT I DID NOT DIE, in fact it hurts so good... Hooray for that!)

So keep your eyes peeled for that!  I'm going to be releasing that on Monday!  

Today I have something to share with you though, (that you might have even been waiting for!)  Finally...

Interview with Adidas Brand Manager 

(Part 2 of 3) 

Anna Geiger is Adidas brand manager for Women's Training. She's works for a global brand for chrissakes she knows some amazing secrets!   If you missed part 1, it's right here.

Also stay tuned for Part 3 of this interview to be released next Friday! :)

This video covers: 

*How to utilize influencers and endorsements to grow your brand

*What Adidas looks for when they are trying to find vloggers & bloggers to pimp their stuff

*How a global brand like Adidas taps into the mind of their ideal client!

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