Live Your Brand. Live Your Beauty! Part 3

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Today is the best day of my life.  Okay, maybe that is a tiny bit of an exaggeration, but I am so happy I could cry. MY POLE HAS ARRIVED!!!! Fast forward into the story a bit here, I am now living in Portland, in a bad ass apartment, and my pole has been delivered.  Here is a video of me sharing my pole joy!  

This is my form of stress relief and rejuvenation on my crazy work days.  I do power hours of work, and then replenish doing something that I love.  This is the only way I can have a well-balanced work and life, and how I can create awesome things like my Launch Your Brand Program (which starts Aug. 4)

By the way, I am sharing this with you because it's such a huge part of who I am, and very much living my brand by showing you this piece of my life.  It's not overtly sexual, but it is sexy,  what I would like to think one of the greatest forms of self expression, beauty, female empowerment, and self love for my body, and stress relief for my life.  I hope that this inspires you to find whatever is your pole dancing to keep moving through life (and not be chained to a desk all the time!)

Pardon for the late posting, I have been dancing all day.  Now let's get more deeply into this journey of self discovery, now shall we!??

On Our Way to San Francisco.

Before we get into my big move to Portland.. we are at the part of the story where Angelica and I were on our way to San Francisco.   Our plan was to drive up Highway 1, but it was wayyyy too foggy, which was a huge disappointment for us.   But we kept our spirits high, by meeting up with another b-schooler, the lovely rodeo tech queen Lisa Burger for lunch and  then making it to San Fran around 8pm.

One of the craziest revelations that I had on this drive up to San Francisco, was that it was literally exactly one year ago to the day, that I had broken up with my ex, and  I had driven up to San Francisco to house site for a friend of a friend, and here the same week, one later, and I was going up to San Francisco to house sit for a friend of a friend. WHAT A KAWINKY DINK!!!!!

How is it, that I was doing exactly the same thing, exactly one year before without planning things that way.  Synchronicity.  There was a tiny little whisper that was telling me I was on the right path, and that the reason why I had been so miserable, was that I had gone off that path.  Now, I don't regret anything, and lessons are learned for a reason.  But there was something about this that told me, this is where you were going before and where you are going now is exactly how things should be.

After I had broken things off with my fiance ( a year ago) , I wanted to go to San Francisco to see if I would enjoy it more than San Diego.  I realized in the first five minutes of being there, there was no way I would ever want to live there.   It's a bit too much for me, too much crime, too much dirt, too many hills, too expensive.  I want to live some place that is easy.  San Francisco is the opposite of easy, it is however filled with culture and fun things to do.  This time I was coming not to shop for a living space in SF, but really just to enjoy everything the beautiful city has to offer.  Starting off with the Pride Festival!

Lesson 5. To Be Happy, You Must Be Free to Be Yourself -- Gay Pride Festival = Happy People Being Themselves

Angelica introduced me to her long lost cousin who lives in San Fran, he was one of the most amazing men I've ever met.  Experienced a kidney transplant, had a near death experience, went from never being able to walk again, to being able to not only walk but do ANYTHING.  This man is a force to be reckoned with... and was just one of the most joyful people ever.  

At the Gay Pride festival, everyone was so free to express themselves.  People walked around naked, or in tutus, and everyone danced and had a great time.   

Picasso was a huge hit!  Everyone wanted to pet him and snuggle with him. I had to carry him a lot of the time, but I balanced him often on my Picasso handbag.  Look at the little Boston's on my purse!!  

Somehow when I had gone to SF the previous year, I had missed the gay pride festival and this year I am SO happy that I went because it was truly enlightening to see so many people really living their truth and finding happiness while doing it!

Lesson 6. When you LOOK GOOD, you FEEL GOOD.  

This is the best concept and theme I've ever seen for a business, and it's constantly sold out, so take NOTE.....


"Dry Bar" -- It's a salon that does NOTHING but blowouts.  Now I am not talking about Brazilian Blowouts, I'm talking about just styling hair.  No cuts. No color.  Just styling.  For $40 you can have salon ready hair.  They wash your hair, they massage your head, and then they either blow it out and straighten it, or they curl it up with a curling iron.

Above you can see you can order your "hair-tini" in the form of a clever named after a beverage hair style.  This is a PERFECT example of a memorable, catchy, concept and theme for your brand.   The concept being "Dry Bar -- A salon/bar for blowouts" The theme being "Modern Hair Cocktails" --- it's so catchy, it's no wonder that they sell out every day.  They will even come to your house and do your hair!

Want to learn more about how to come up with incredible concept / theme for your business!  Come check out my Launch Your Brand Program!  (Starts Aug 4)

Getting my hair did.

Getting my hair did.

So I went from frumpy in glasses as you saw, when I was at Pride, to this:

Hello Barbarella!

Hello Barbarella!

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 5.37.20 PM.png

When you look good, you feel good, and just taking the time and effort to get my hair done made me feel like a new woman.  Self care is so important to feeling good so that you can love your life!

Angelica and her cousin invited me to go to dinner and go dancing with them.  This sort of opening up their lives to spend time with me, and have fun with me while in SF was a really nice treat!

I fell in love with San Francisco, and realized, I may not want to live there, but it's one of my favorite places to go and be free...and eat, drink, dance and be merry!!  

Angelica and her cousin were wonderful and we had a blast!


Next Up, We head to Portland with Miss Nicole Marietta, and the adventure REALLY gets exciting!  In the comments below, tell me about an adventure you went on where you discovered things about yourself?!

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