Part 4 - Almost Time for the Launch!

I just got an email from one of my followers saying something along the lines of:  

"Hey aren't you launching your next "Launch Your Brand" Program in a few days  I loved your series about how you launched your brand.... but then you disappeared... Are you just too successful to promote your business, because you sure are quiet over there?! .............. I haven't heard from you in days!"   

This made me giggle.  It's sort of true, in a way... 

I have been a tiny bit quiet for the last few days for good reasons! 

I was doing this....

I'm on the left, and were pretending to be a radioactive "curie" monster.

Camp Improv Utopia The dining hall and our amazing view!

Improv Utopia

You see, I haven't had a break in a year.  Not one break... teaching five university classes ( I taught through summer), taking on clients, and creating this program.   So I finally took a 20 day working vacation to Portland / San Fran and beyond.  It wasn't until the tail end of my trip, I got to "Camp Improv Utopia" that I had a REAL break (since I really had worked the previous 16 days)....I had plans to finish the blog entry there...and the universe had other plans for me.....

Little did I know that the Interwebnet access was going to be impossible, NO cell service, I had to submit to the forest gods and just revel in the nature.. (poor me!... I had to take a break...wahhhh!)  

 I used it as an opportunity to fully  disconnect for and just be present with the people around me, the first time I have done that in what seems like an eternity.  I made friends, did improv, ate smores, sang songs, did archery, had a camp romance, and felt like I was in 6th grade all over again with crafts and games and giggling and sleeping bags.  It felt life changing, to be disconnected.

Here's the all boys cabin called "Cousteu"

The Improv Utopia Camp was exactly what I needed....Look at how much fun we had!  It was 100 improvisers in cabins in at an amazing camp overlooking the Ocean. We were in HEAVEN.  I don't think I've ever had this much fun.  I knew that you all would love to hear about this adventure too! 

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