Part 2 - How I launched my brand...

My goodness, this second part of the series is here.  Boomshakalakalakalaka!

How did I take myself from a brand-insecure-whiney-little-bumpkin..... to a sexy, confident and excitable pin up girl!??!?!?!   I am so excited to tell you.  (See!? Totally on brand!)

To give you a preview, it all started with looking at things for inspiration.

And I mean a LOT of inspiration.
The first thing that came up for analysis, I started with the word "Launch" I felt like playing off of something in aviation would be totally appropriate because balloons launch, and planes launch.  I also felt a huge passion for vintage design.  So then started the theme of "vintage aviation."

I started playing with the theme vintage aviation collecting vintage planes / balloon pictures.  This felt good to me... but still it was still missing something.  Here's what I was playing with -- balloons, clouds and my You Can Brand! Logo

I knew what I was doing wasn't working, but I knew I need something SUPER memorable, told a story, created an environment, and was something that was instantly likable.  (To this day no one has said a negative thing about it!)

So as you remember from yesterday's posting,  I was failing at everything, and doing so often.  Never once did I think that this new brand wouldn't somehow emerge.  I just kept failing and waiting for it to show up.  I was getting really flipping impatient, but the good news is I did keep the faith.  I kept shouting up to the skies


So here I was minding my own beeswax,  with my sucky brand and what seemed to be some very good beta tests for my " Launch Your Brand in 30 Days or Less" Program.....I started getting some amazing feed back from my beta testers.  They were producing greater design work than most professional designers I knew, some of them were even producing better work than I was. (Hello student surpassing teacher, don't let the door hit you on the way past me!  Like woah!)

That's when I really knew I was on to something, taking people who had never touched Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop and in a VERY short period of time.  IT was working!  It was working!  Now I could only launch, if my flipping website didn't look like a neon geometric monster hadn't vomited all over it!

I knew my program was dialed in.  Yet the brand (pictured above) felt flat.  All it took was a trip to my all women's gym for a pole dancing class when I saw a boudoir picture of a sexy pinup girl and then it hit me... Oh my gosh, I don't need to hire a typical head shot star.... I need to hire a pin up photographer!!

So let me fill you in on a little something here...

I used to be a burlesque dancer....

I traveled all over the world dancing with a group of 6 girls, in a van and a band. Flash forward to this moment 11 years later, I realized that I wanted to bring the freedom back, curvy, 23 year old back into reality as the more mature, equally as sassy 34 year old version of me, in a way that would just--- well get everyone REALLY excited.

So then it hit me --- YES, YES, YES --  this has to work, this will work.. finally I found the out-side the box approach I was looking for.  I would create a vintage aviation pinup theme for my brand.

I decided to make a mood board for my brand!!

Here's what I came up with

What I do with this sexy mood board comes tomorrow. Leave a comment for me in te box below and let's chat! Isn't all of this a tiny bit shocking!? I'm seriously shocking myself.