By: Sabine Biesenberger

Setting up a marketing funnel for your coaching business can be a daunting task. Especially if you haven’t set up your funnel in a strategic way that effectively turns those just-checking-out-what-you’ve-got prospects into happy-to-pay-for-your-coaching-services clients.

This program covers the strategic side AND explains step-by-step how to set up an effective marketing funnel for your coaching business in 21 days, flat! From the first opt in to your lead magnet, to the nurture sequence in-between, to the last email reminder for the booked in discovery session, to the on-boarding sequence for your brand-new clients—you’ll have everything up and running in no time thanks to the support and handholding you’ll receive throughout the program.

If you’re ready to start 2018 with a big bang (and less hustle!) in your coaching business, apply for a beta tester spot today.

Application Deadline: November 22, 2017
Program Date: December 1-22, 2017

Value: $1,250; Beta Test for FREE!


Do you have a brain injury, or know someone with a brain injury who misses the person “they used to be”? 

I am a brain injury survivor of 14 years and know what it's like to miss the "old you" and wonder how you can live a fulfilling life with a brain injury.

I am offering a beta course by application called, 

In this CONFIDENTIAL group and application process, we'll discover how to let go of of what holds you back, while tapping into the courage at your core. Learn to deeply like and even love "the new you"...brain injury and all that comes with it. Define life on your terms, being your best self, while living with a brain injury.

Course Dates: December 6th – January 9th
Value $997

Slay Your Social! 
Social Media Strategy for Women Entrepreneurs

By Kendra Losee

If you’re frustrated with social media for your business or don’t know where to begin, this course is for you. Award-winning marketer and part-time professor, Kendra Losee will guide you through creating a social media strategy for your business. You’ll learn which platforms are best for your business, what your ideal clients are looking for, and the different types of content you can use to connect and engage with them. Live office hours are available to get feedback as you build your strategy throughout the pilot program.

This four-week course starts on December 11. Normally $1,499, you can apply now to take it for free.

Be prepared to slay your social media!
Apply now! 

-or - Social media strategy for Cannabis Entrepreneurs

By Kendra Losee


For Women Who are Ready to Take Charge and Build Wealth

By: Debbie Sassen, Financial Planner & Coach

If you feel intimidated or overwhelmed by the stock markets and investing, or maybe you just have cash sitting in the bank because you don’t know what to do with it, then this is the course for you.

I’ve been in your shoes (while working in Corporate Finance)! I will guide you through a step-by-step process for unlocking what’s holding you back and giving you the knowledge and skills necessary to take charge of your money and shape your financial destiny. You will walk away with an actionable investment plan that will help get you on the road to building long-term wealth and creating financial freedom. 

Live office hours give you an opportunity to ask questions and get feedback. 

Application Deadline: November 30, 2017
Program Dates: December 6 – January 9, 2018
Value: $995, Beta Test for FREE!

It's Not an Empty Glass. It's a Fuller Life.

For women who want to take a break from alcohol and have a fresh start to the new year.Can you remember the last time you jumped out of bed on a regular basis feeling refreshed and excited to start the day? When was the last time you felt confident and playful at a social event without wine? Can you even imagine a week without your go-to cocktail? Have you ever wondered what your life would look like and feel like without alcohol? Trust me, sister, I had the same questions and concerns, but let me tell you, it feels amazing. Freedom! Sweet sweet freedom! If you feel like it's time to jump off the booze cruise but want a group of courageous intelligent women to take this journey with you. Then join me in a 26 days sans alcohol adventure! Application Deadline: November 20, 2017 Program Date: November 26-Dec 22, 2017

Value: $597 Beta Test for free  

linkedin bakery

plan your recipe for success

By Mary Fain Brandt
LinkedIn used to be the ugly stepchild of the social media platforms, clunky and boring, but not so much anymore! There are awesome new features like LinkedIn Native Video, Badges and “Who’s On” buttons. Oh you didn't know that? That’s because you're not enrolled in my cool course with tons of tips and trends that help you STAND OUT and get FOUND! 

Learn how to increase your credibility and visibility without hiring an expensive PR Firm.
Book your calendar solid with my secret recipe to success on LinkedIn.
The 3 ingredients to writing a Hot Headline - you know the kind that attracts your ideal audience.
And much, much more! Like weekly LIVE CALLS, a private Facebook group for additional support and a ticket to my monthly LinkedIn Lab.

Application Deadline: December 1st, 2017
Program runs: December 18th, 2017 - January 18, 2018
Course value: $997 ---Beta Test for FREE! 

Are You Ready To Make A SUPERBABY?

A Course On Pre-Conception Health And Nutrition.

by Dr Maggie

Are you a woman planning for a baby in 2018? Confused about what you should or shouldn’t be doing to prepare, especially when it comes to food?

This six week course is designed to give women who are planning a pregnancy straight-forward, evidence-based information (that is easy to understand and implement) on the best nutrition, testing and supplements for conceiving a healthy baby, as well as provide the support of group of women going through the process together.

Course dates: January 8th - February 18th (2018)

Application deadline: December 15th

Dr Maggie is a qualified medical practitioner with over a decade’s experience in clinical and functional medicine. She has undergone specific post-graduate training in women’s nutritional medicine and has a special interest in helping women improve not only their own lives, but also those of future generations through better pre-conception health.



Do you want a morning that fires you up for you work day, become a morning master so the rest of the day unravels into success. This course brings to light areas in your lifestyle that you know could transform both your working day your rest time and play! You'll finish with a morning habit formula that is easy to maintain and stick to. 

Value is $997



By: Samira Mohyuddin
If you are serious in taking the entrepreneurial route then you need to understand that your business it is no longer a hobby but a way of life. If you are to succeed in your journey to the top and to be anywhere near the 1%ters then you have to be in peak performance mentally, emotionally and physically to give yourself the best chance possible. One would say that you are working towards becoming an elite Entrepreneur athlete. The program is a strategy, and way of life and also provides a productivity system to help you achieve your goals with minimal stress. It is designed to achieve Peak performance as an entrepreneur at all times and while maximizing on execution. As only the disciplined and the consistent survive. Give yourself the best chance possible to achieve your goals. 


Application Deadline: Dec 1,2017
Program Date: December 15, 2017 - Jan 30 2018

Value $997: Beta Test Free


Complete on-Camera Confidence Course

By Anita Miranda

PUT YOUR BEST FACE FORWARD — BE AUTHENTIC, BRAVE, AND ENGAGING ON CAMERA. Build credibility for yourself and for your business with a camera and video presence. Discover the keys to stepping into your spotlight and making the first impression last, every time! 


Whether you are a novice or a seasoned pro, get tips for in front of the camera style. Techniques for behind the camera production to hitting your mark every time. Topics covered from makeup and wardrobe, staging and lighting, pitch and storytelling, lighting and sound, equipment and resources, and more! Discover how to overcome fear and show up with courage, clarity, and confidence. Become the director of your own life story. On purpose.

Course value $997
Dates: Prep week January 8-14, Course begins January 15 - February 4-2018

GROW YOUR BRAIN: Unleash Your Inner Einstein

By Monique Chenier

Tap into your powerful Inner Genius and become energized by your own mind in only three weeks. Learn powerful techniques to revitalize your creativity, and generate new ideas and insights into your life. Starts December 1st.