Student:  Natasha Smith


"I Have Never Produced Such Quality And Learned So Much Stuff In Such A Short Amount Of Time - The Whole Course Is Bloody Awesome."

"I have never worked with Squarespace before, never done coding and never designed logos- Branding Strategy was an enigma to me and I thought only big ass pros could do it for a living

I have never produced such quality and learned so much stuff in such a short amount of time - the whole course is bloody awesome. I can't say enough good things about Jenna, her teaching style or her course.. and since being in her tribe the list of gorgeous things people are saying about my brand, my website and design skills is growing at a crazy speed!"

"One company said to me after seeing my site last week:

"We Love Your Brand, We Seriously Haven't Got Any Designers Of Your Calibre Working With Us!"

.........Lil Old Me?! 

If you want to be in business or you want your existing business to be Absolutely Fabulous sweetie darling...get yourself over and join Jenna's tribe right now! It will be the best gift you gave yourself and your business...ever!" 


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Student: Brianna Nash,

“I am definitely, definitely in love with this program. She makes it so easy .... She breaks it down so beautifully.”

BEFORE (Click Image to Enlarge)

“What makes this program different is, really it’s Jenna. The way that she lays out everything so that you can learn to build a website on Squarespace. So that you can learn the basics of Photoshop  and PicMonkey.”


AFTER (Click Image to Enlarge)

Student: Amanda Nazzal,

1st Project - (Click Image to Enlarge)

“Through doing her course I gained clarity..."

At the End of the Course..(Click Image)

...around doing the brand photography and doing the blog photography and also still being able to integrate my yoga by doing it for conscious entrepreneurs. So it’s like I kinda got to pull everything together thanks to her."



BEFORE (Click Image to Enlarge)

"Every Person Was Treated Like The Only Person In The Class!"

“She wasn’t just gonna be teaching the principles of design, and the theory behind all of it, she was also gonna be showing us how to create our own work and our own representation of ourself and our brand - to get online. And she really delivered in that.”

AFTER (Click Image to Enlarge)

“It was an incredible program. As an instructor she was spot on. She was present all of the time. She answered all of our questions. Every person that was in the forum or on the calls, really was treated like they were the only person in the class. There was no short changing on time, there was no rushing. She really paid attention to every single person that was there."


Student:  Eva Witsel,  EvaWitsel.NL

Before (Click Image ) Her failed attempt at Wordpress

After: (Click Image) On Squarespace

"I now have a website that I'm not only not ashamed of anymore, but I'm actually very proud of"

"Jenna took me through all the steps I needed to take to develop my brand, she made the whole process fun and easy.

Each step logically built on the step before. I loved the group forum and getting all the feedback on my designs from the other students. Jenna's feedback on my designs was so helpful and whenever anyone got stuck, Jenna jumped in and helped us on our way again. I think this group was key in getting me where I am now.

Jenna helped me to design something that I'm so proud of, I can't wait to start my business!

I now have a website that I'm not only not ashamed of anymore, but I'm actually very proud of it and keep showing it to everyone who will have a look, including my very patient seven year old ;-)"

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