Hello! My name is Jenna.

I'm a design fanatic, branding expert and recently inspired blogger.  I love traveling, high-fivin' strangers on the street, Instagramin' my adventures, and finding crazy street art for inspiration.  I'd love to help you create a brand that is so personal, it will attract all of the amazing peeps that you want to be working with.  


Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur, & Professor

You can check out my graphic design portfolio and blog at www.createthunder.com

What makes me different than most designers is that I have an extensive marketing and entrepreneurship background.  I have infused my MBA with design skills to make deliberate design decisions on how to reach your target markets more effectively.  

I started off doing graphic design at the age of 16, with my first licensed t-shirt business in high school, where I printed shirts for most of the campus sports and activities. In 1999, I attended the University of Oregon and earned a BS in Multimedia Design, and then a MBA in Marketing in 2005.  It was that year that my business started to blossom.

In 2008, I lived in Tokyo and taught at a university to 400 students and designed t-shirts for a famous Japanese tattoo artist by the name of Horiyoshi III. I lived in Harajuku and had one of the most fabulous adventures in my life!

Won an International Design Award

 The award - "Best Catalog Design Targeting Generation Y" for the Astoria Parks and Recreation.  This design award lead to me being invited to teach at the University of Oregon, where they asked me to create three classes for their university.

Professor of Branding, Design, Entrepreneurship at University of Oregon

Teaching for three different universities (mostly online) has really helped me with perfecting my craft of designing and helping others to do the same. The flexibility allows for the convenience of still being able to work with clients.

Senior Graphic Designer for Nike Tennis

In 2011-2012 was a graphic developer for over 300 t-shirt designs that include LeBron, Livestrong, Kobe Bryant, Athletic Training, Running, Tennis and more.

In March of 2012, I was brought on to help establish a women's rights organization, that lead to growing over 10,000 likes on the organization's Facebook page in 3 months.  The media caught wind of this and I was featured on CBS news, and More Magazine (online)  My contribution to this organization was featured in Bust Magazine in print on Sept 25, 2012.

Starting this website Create Thunder, which is one part blog, one part information product is to educate new entrepreneurs and designers how to apply their brand strategy-- visually.  This has been a long time dream of mine and I'm so excited that you are here!  Look out for lots of products coming out relating to design and branding coming soon!