Are you ready to launch your brand, babe? 

this course is for you if.. say "yes" to ANY of these things:

+ You have never designed before

+ You don't have a logo or website

+ You have a brand, but it doesn't feel right

+ You need a logo, website & marketing materials ASAP

+ You have no idea what you want, or how to make it happen

+ You DIY designed your brand and/or website and it doesn't look professional

+ You are sick of being at the mercy of a designer (and web programmers)

+ Your brand isn't speaking to your ideal clients effectively, (therefore you aren't making sales)

+ You know what you want but have no idea how to make it happen

+ You need some serious hand-holding so that you don't get stuck with the technology

+ You are completely overwhelmed trying to piece things together yourself

+ You haven't designed, because you are worried you aren't tech savvy or creative enough to do it yourself

+ You want to feel confident and clear about making the "right" decision with your brand & web design

+ You have 45 solid days, to work hand-in-hand with me, to commit to getting this done!


Who am i? 

I am a former Nike Senior Graphic designer, long time entrepreneur with my own graphic design studio and branded hundreds of small to medium sized businesses.

I am also a former university professor of design and branding for three universities, including The Forbes School of Business and The University of Oregon.  

I hold a Bachelor's in Multimedia Design, and I hold a MBA in Marketing. I have won an international design award for my design work.  I am obsessed with helping entrepreneurs design on trend, and turn potential customers into raving fanatics.

I've merged my love for design with the language of speaking more effectively to your target market, and as long as you're creating products and services that your ideal client wants, with beautiful design, you will have the recipe for success!

I'm pretty much one of the sassiest, friendliest,  and quirkiest women you'll ever meet. When I talk about something I'm excited about my eyes get ridiculously big.... sort of like a deer in headlights!

(Scroll to the very bottom to read my full bio)

What makes this Program super?

Imagine you are hiring me as your personal creative director and brand strategist, in a group learning atmosphere. You get the support you need, from me, along with peer feedback, to help you to create an effective visual brand strategy that you LOVE.  

I give you specific, personalized and direct feedback on all of the assignments you complete on time, along with a community of enthusiastic aspiring designers, and branding rockstars.  But have no fear, most of the people are getting their feet wet in these areas for the first time, just like you.

You'll never fend for yourself, through the entire process.  Some people have described me as one part cheerleader, one part coach, and one part personal professor.  I would describe myself as your new design and branding bestie.

After you join my inner design and branding circle, and we get to know each other a bit, I have a tendency to pass on design work from my actual design studio to my students for MORE collaborative work.  Oh, and it's likely that we'll become friends!

Which means two things for you, opportunities for design work to come your way if you fall in love with the design process OR access to amazingly affordable and newly trained designers, if you don't want to design yourself!  I have created an amazing community to get exactly what you need.

Scroll to see below all the fun details of this amazing program.... I can't wait to show you everything you are going to learn!

+ Some amazing bonuses...

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Not Ready Yet? Check out What Students Just Like You, Did in this Program...


Nicole Marietta 

Writer, Musician, now Pro Graphic Designer with full waiting list 

I took Jenna's course in April 2014 to learn how to brand and design my Singer-Songwriter website. I ended up with a music site that I absolutely adore!

But that's not all...

Taking Launch Your Brand completely changed the trajectory of how I earn money as a creative. After taking LYB, I ended up loving design so much that I started offering branding and graphic design as a service to compliment my writing offerings.

I continued working with Jenna in her follow-up course: Launch Your Design Biz. I'm now booked out two months in advance with design work, and working full-time as an indie creative after leaving my non-profit job earlier this year. It's been such a dream, and I never would have done it without Jenna's support. 

Jenna is unbelievably generous with her time, attention, and knowledge in class. She cares SO much about helping you succeed. I can honestly say she's one of the best teachers I've ever had. (And I went to Stanford).

Jenna, signing up for LYB and LYDB were two of the best investments I've made for my business. I'm your groupie for life. Thank you SO MUCH.


Nicole (Marietta) Bonsol. Singer-Songwriter, Writer and Designer.

Nicole Marietta -



Logo design, custom graphics, Squarespace site design

Post course work

Elisabeth Oswell

Musician, Artist, Now Designer to Famous Rockband

"She's the best teacher I've ever had!"

“I wanted to let you know that meeting you has been a real highlight of 2014. You gave me an enormous gift I didn't even know existed!

By igniting in me a passion for graphic design and arts you have showed me how to own being an artist, I feel like my belief in my creativity has blossomed since we met and that is impacting me in so many ways. Not only that but you believe in me, reflect my strengths and continue to show me so much support as I learn and grow.

You are THE best teacher too. I guess this us what it looks like when someone is living in alignment with their purpose.

You are one in a million. I just adore you, and I wish you all the joy and success you deserve this year and every year to come.” (Email excerpt)

 Elisabeth Oswell -




Post class work


World Renowned Band, Mogwai,

Best Selling T-Shirt Design

Film Poster, Drunken Butterflies, 2014


Catherine Cerulli

Health & Wellness Practitioner - Never touched photoshop or illustrator before!

"Jenna is such an incredible teacher. She is an expert in her field of design, and is an amazing teacher. She is so dedicated to her students. It comes out in the way she organizes her materials, the support materials she provides to us and all of the support you get through the Facebook group, as well as in the VIP course, which I took. She provides that extra hand holding and encouragement that someone like me really needed."

"I can just say, unequivocally, that this course, launch your brand, was the best business investment I have made in getting the technology expertise i needed to actually get a website out there. For anyone who, like me, who did not know her c-s-s from her a-s-s, I’ll tell what, you will come out of this course with confidence, clarity and a wonderful website."

 Catherine Cerulli -

Student Work Produced in Class

Logo design, Squarespace cover page, Brand Identity Strategy

Kristin Nelson

Caramel Maker, now getting praised in the media for her Sauce, and her branding!

“All of a sudden, I felt like the Karate Kid, who had been waxing the car and sanding the floor. And then all of a sudden, all of those questions and answers made sense. It helped me understand what I was trying to do, and who I was trying to do it for. And… it was pretty intense to have it all make sense like that.”

I’m just so grateful to Jenna to have taught me, who is not a graphic designer, how to use photoshop and illustrator and do these things for myself with her guidance and the guidance of the wonderful community she created. It’s just so personal and wonderful. And, I mean, countless people from customers, individual customers, to stores I’ve approached have ALL remarked on how beautiful the design is. And, I am so proud, I mean, SO PROUD, to say, “I did that! I did that…" And without Jenna, I would have never been able to that.”

- Kristin Nelson



Logo, label (not shown here but similar to biz card design) business card design, Squarespace website design

Sally Lakshmi Thurley

Yoga Practitioner, Mystic, Spiritual Seeker

Jenna's genius is certainly in branding and design, but to my surprise, I found that it went deeper for me. 

In the end it wasn't about building a website even though to my great delight I managed to do it; her course forced me into some deep inner work. 

Click on Image to Enlarge

Having just changed my business and starting from scratch, Jenna was instrumental in getting me  to a raw and vulnerable place about who i really am and what it is I am actually wanting to share with the world.  I had no idea how much in transition i was and how much i was hiding myself. 

To 'come out' was actually really painful.  Her suggestions always pointed me in the right direction and kept me on track when I was getting lost or overwhelmed by choice.

It was great that I could take the course at my own speed and allow the transformations and discoveries to take place.  Where I am now a few months down the track is a totally new and fresh place that's remarkably me. 

Jenna helped ignite my inner artist and the joy of creating again after years of blocking my creative side to do what I needed to do to feed my 2 kids is a gift I shall forever be grateful for.  Having new graphic skills and creating my own images for my website and social media is so empowering and so much fun! 

Shawna Lis

Blogger, Speaker, Event Coordinator of sensitive souls

"It's everything you need to build a brand from scratch!"

“The LYB program really is a foundation for everything you need to build a brand from scratch without any skills in photoshop or illustrator or to redesign or recreate a brand you’re just not happy with.”

“Having the skills to do these things by myself without relying on anybody else to have to make updates for me was really really crucial. I wanted the power in my hands to be able to do everything myself. It pays off big time in terms of money spent, time spent and just overall frustration if you’re having to rely on somebody else. It’s really awesome to be able to do it all yourself."

Shawna Lis


Work Produced in Class

Post class

Claudette & Shelley

Empowered Living Specialists

"…and here’s why we’re happy. I’m gonna have to admit Shelley, I was a little intimidated, I personally was intimidated, I was like “branding? we’re gonna learn branding? but Jenna made us feel so comfortable and broke everything down - we could easily understand it. And what she does is she provides the strategy of formula, we can continue to work on our branding. We can continue to move forward. And that’s so good because now we have the basics of what we need to know."

-Claudette & Shelley -




Karen Park

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Erotica Author

"When I started out, I had a really vague idea what I wanted for my site. An idea of my brand, a vague outline. And I came to Jenna’s program, to the VIP program, because I knew that she could help me take it from a vague outline to a site that I was proud of. And I definitely got that and more."

"If I had gone to a designer and said, “hey, this is kinda what I want”, I never could have gotten a site that was so ME, or could I have gotten a site that I really am responsible for, which is the really cool thing. So, I’m so proud of it. And I couldn’t have done it without Jenna’s help and direction. And I will always be grateful. Thank you."

- Karen Park -



A vague outline not shown here.


Logo, Squarespace site design, and custom collage illustration

Connie Holen

Former Bag Designer, Now Nationally Published Graphic Designer, Squarespace Web Designer, & Branding Specialist



"My favorite part of the Launch Your Brand course though, is the access you get to Jenna.

That makes it an entirely different course than any other course that you’ll get out there. Jenna answers every single question you have and she’s right there every step of the way with you giving you feedback on what you’re working on, and providing ideas and suggestions, to make your ideas - and to help you implement your ideas, to the best possible form."


Kelly Kang 

named: One of San Francisco's top real estate agents


"I joined Jenna’s course after having designed my own VERY BASIC wordpress site and running into all kinds of problems.  Then I ended up paying someone to throw up a generic templated site for me. And very quickly I realized that my site looked like everyone else’s in the industry. The templates were generic and difficult to customize through the designers they had on staff.

When I found Jenna and signed up for her mini course. I got so much value from her intro videos that I thought, “why not?!?” And I’m so glad I took the chance and believed in my own aesthetic and amateur design skills enough to sign up for Launch Your Brand! Her course literally changed my branding-life.

Her mood boards and concept sheets took a concept that many others talk about and made it so easy to understand and, more importantly, so easy to implement! I got really clear on what message I wanted to convey with my brand. And what aesthetic would actually appeal to my target audience.

I couldn't have done it without Jenna's amazing course and the feedback from other LYBer's. I felt so empowered by the tools we learned and the community we created together. 

And if you follow the course step-by-step, you’ll come out with a brand that you can be proud of. Each step is designed to help you develop the skills to design the brand you want! Jenna is so willing to help you. It’s not just like having a professional designer on hand, but it actually is having an amazing professional available to you when you need it."






jennifer dietrich

Women's Coach for Coaches: featured on Melanie Duncan's site, as great opt-in example

"Although I came into the course with a background of in marketing and branding from a 15 year career in marketing, I really wanted to get more information about branding for myself, to apply to my own business as well as to assist my clients, as I’m a business coach for women entrepreneurs and I particularly specialize in women coaches and women coaches who have less than one year in business."

"It was so above and beyond what I expected in the course. First of all, Jenna’s level of service and warmth and serving her clients is extraordinary. Every single question I had for her in the fb group or over email was answered in 15 minutes or less? Sometimes less than that. Every…every time. That is mind-blowingly phenomenal."

Jennifer Dietrich-

work produced in class

Logo, Squarespace Site Design, Brand Strategy

Nancy Colbert Hardy 

Erotica Author & Now Book Cover Designer for Authors

Amanda Nazzal

Brand Photographer, Photography Teacher, & Yoga Instructor

“Through doing her course I gained clarity around doing the brand photography and doing the blog photography and also still being able to integrate my yoga by doing it for conscious entrepreneurs. So it’s like I kinda got to pull everything together thanks to her."

Amanda Nazzal 


student work 

Brand Strategy, Logo, Web Design, Content Development

Click Image to Enlarge

Click Image to Enlarge

Click Image to Enlarge

Allegra Stein

Coach for Women Who Are Relocating

"Every person was treated like the only person in the class!"

“She wasn’t just gonna be teaching the principles of design, and the theory behind all of it, she was also gonna be showing us how to create our own work and our own representation of ourself and our brand - to get online. And she really delivered in that.”

“It was an incredible program. As an instructor she was spot on. She was present all of the time. She answered all of our questions. Every person that was in the forum or on the calls, really was treated like they were the only person in the class. There was no short changing on time, there was no rushing. She really paid attention to every single person that was there."


jeanie Irving

Australian Portrait Photographer

"This program gave me the power to make educated design choices. Jenna breaks everything down so it’s easy to follow, and understand and remember.

Jenna was also very hands on. Besides the tutorials, there was group office hours where you could log in and get 1:1 feedback. You could actually watch Jenna’s screen as she explained things so you could understand. And if you still didn’t understand she would explain further until you got further clarification. Jenna is actually VERY PATIENT.

I was surprised how much I learned from the other student’s questions and from their progress. It was very fascinating. I loved office hours.

My favorite part was walking away with a brand concept sheet and a website, that not only looked good, but was easy to use.

I am deeply grateful that Jenna created launch your brand because now I’m proud to show off my logo and my website and my blog, and I’m forever grateful from the bottom of my heart. Thank you Jenna."

- Jeanie Irving -


student work 

brianna campbell

Mom, Entrepreneur of Many Businesses, Now Graphic Design Lover!

“What makes this program different is, really it’s Jenna. The way that she lays out everything so that you can learn to build a website on Squarespace. So that you can learn the basics of Photoshop and Illustrator and PicMonkey.”

“I am definitely, definitely in love with this program. She makes it so easy - my son could learn to do this and he’s two years old. I know that’s like very cliche, but it’s really that simple. She breaks it down so beautifully.”

“My biggest “a-ha” would probably be that I love design so much that I want to help others design a website that they absolutely love."

- Brianna Campbell  -





Hello! My name is Jenna.

I'm a design fanatic, branding expert and recently inspired blogger.  I love traveling, high-fivin' strangers on the street, Instagramin' my adventures, and finding crazy street art for inspiration.  I'd love to help you create a brand that is so personal, it will attract all of the amazing peoples that you want to be working with.  Yes, I said peoples.


Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur, & Professor

Jenna started doing graphic design professionally at the age of 16, with her first licensed t-shirt business that produced t-shirts for all clubs and activities in her high school.

She attended the University of Oregon and earned a Bachelor's in Multimedia Design and MBA in Marketing.  With her combination of design and marketing skills, she became a little more savvy than the average graphic designer.

After serving over one hundred local businesses, she decided to go on a soulful design and education expedition to Tokyo, Japan, where she was asked to teach four hundred Japanese students a week at Tokyo Metropolitan University.   She taught speech and debate.  Since she could not live without graphic design, she designed on her days off for a famous tattoo artist (and best friend of Ed Hardy) Horiyoshi III.

She lived in the hippest part of Tokyo -- Harajuku, did yoga every day, dated men from every country, and discovered her love of graphic design, teaching and sushi were pretty much her definition of living her dream.

Won An International Design Award

Upon return to the states, she designed for a local government organization called Astoria Parks & Recreation.  She was brought in as a "branding expert" as the media called her, and took a failing, bankrupt and unsafe community pool and re-branded them so successfully, that the re-branded identity of the organization won an international design award from LERN, for "Best Catalog Design Targeting Gen Y"

Professor Of Branding, Design, Entrepreneurship At University Of Oregon & Forbes School of Business

Upon winning this award, at the award ceremony she was invited to teach for the University of Oregon and The Forbes School of Business.  She taught branding, design, entrepreneurship, for four years, all while developing and testing core philosophies on how to take a non-designer and make them design like a professional in a very short period of time.  This became the foundation for all of her teachings today.

Senior Graphic Designer For Nike

In addition to teaching for these universities she was invited to work as a "Graphic Developer for the Center of Excellence at the Nike Headquarters."  She was in charge of overseeing  300 t-shirt designs that include LeBron, Livestrong, Kobe Bryant, Athletic Training, Running, Tennis and more.  She was then promoted to Senior Graphic Designer for Nike Tennis.

In March of 2012,she was brought on to help establish a women's rights organization, that lead to growing over 10,000 likes on the organization's Facebook page in 3 months. The media caught wind of this she was featured on CBS news, and More Magazine and Bust Magazine.

In 2013, she launched and taught over 200 small business owners how to design their very own brand and website in a very short period of time.  The business exploded into a thriving six figure business, and  Her students have gone on to having thriving design businesses, even though they had never designed prior to her course.   Her students have designed for famous rock bands such as Mogwai, have been published around the world, and many have gone on to just design for their own beautifully branded businesses!