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Launch Your Brand in 30 Days or less...


Launch Your Brand in 30 Days or less...

This program is for you if...

+ You have never designed before

+ You don't have a logo or website

+ You have no idea what you want

+ You have a brand, but it doesn't feel right

+ Your brand isn't speaking to ideal clients

+ You know what you want but can't get it

+ You DIY'd your brand and it looks like it

+ You are sick of being at the mercy of a designer

+ You need a logo, website & biz card ASAP

Who am I?

I'm pretty much one of the sassiest, friendliest,  and quirkiest women you'll ever meet. When I talk about something I'm excited about my eyes get ridiculously big.... sort of like a deer in headlights!

I am a former Nike Senior Graphic designer, long time entrepreneur with my own graphic design studio (Create Thunder!) and a university professor of design and branding for three universities.  The University of Oregon just made me a legit faculty member!  

So you can call me Professor! Oooh la la!  Sounds so sexy!

Or you can call me "Miss Jenna" instead!  We are going to go on some serious design adventures buckle up!  

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What makes this program super?

Imagine you are hiring me as your creative director and brand strategist, in a group learning atmosphere. You get the support you need, from me, along with peer feedback, to help you to create an effective visual brand strategy that you LOVE.  

I give you specific, personalized and direct feedback on all of the assignments you complete on time, along with a community of enthusiastic designers and branding rockstars.

You'll never fend for yourself, through the entire process.  Some people have described me as one part cheerleader, one part coach, and one part personal professor.  I would describe myself as your new design and branding bestie.

After you join my inner design and branding circle, and we get to know each other a bit, I have a tendency to pass on design work from my actual design studio (Create Thunder) to my students for MORE collaborative work.

Which means two things for you, opportunities for design work to come your way if you fall in love with the design process OR access to amazingly affordable and newly trained designers, if you don't want to design yourself! 

Scroll to see below all the fun details of this amazing program.... I can't wait to show you everything you are going to learn!



Need a payment plan?


Need a payment plan?

What you should think about, if you feel like you can't afford it right now...

Don't have Photoshop & Illustrator? No problem! They both are available for a free 30 day trial that you can use to download these programs.  If you have already used this trial, you can get each of these programs for $30 (per program) for the month.


Student Work & Testimonials


Student Work & Testimonials


Student: Connie Holen 

Winner "Best Concept & Theme" 

"I just wanted to let you know how completely blown away I am by this course!  (And it's only day 4!)"

And to think, I thought I was done with DIYing my brand!  Boy, was I wrong.  I have gotten more clarity on my brand the last 4 days then I have in researching this stuff on my own the whole past year.  I've even taken other branding classes before and nothing compares to the practical application and feedback that are a part of this program. This course is going to open serious doors to small business owners. I cannot wait to see what comes next!  Thanks again for convincing me to join this beta group."

Note:  For the parent brand Connie hired an illustrator for her new logo, but for round 2 all design work & illustration was done by her!



Student: Eva Witsel

"Winner - "Best in Class" Teacher's Pick

I participated in Jenna's Launch Your Brand Program, and loved every second of it!

Jenna is a precious find of someone who is very knowledgeable in her field and at the same time is a very good teacher. She knows her design stuff, but also knows very well how to help non-designers (like me!) through the design process step by step.

Jenna took me through all the steps I needed to take to develop my brand, she made the whole process fun and easy.

Each step logically built on the step before. I loved the group forum and getting all the feedback on my designs from the other students. Jenna's feedback on my designs was so helpful and whenever anyone got stuck, Jenna jumped in and helped us on our way again. I think this group was key in getting me where I am now.

Jenna helped me to design something that I'm so proud of, I can't wait to start my business!

I now have a website that I'm not only not ashamed of anymore, but I'm actually very proud of it and keep showing it to everyone who will have a look, including my very patient seven year old ;-)

 Read Eva's Full Testimonial 


Student: Kristin Nelson 

"Winner - Best Overall Brand & Best Logo" 

The biggest obstacle for me was having no previous design or marketing experience.

I have never felt particularly artistic or creative besides in the kitchen. I mean, I love photography, but I am an amateur at best and cannot draw to save my life. I had never used Photoshop or Illustrator before. Ever. Talk about a learning curve! However, Jenna is a very good teacher. Knowledgable, enthusiastic, and patient. The videos were incredible and her being so accessible to all of us was ridiculously amazing. I truly cannot believe what I have learned, and the course isn't even over yet!

Read Kristin's Full Testimonial


Student: Allegra Stein

"Winner - Best Use of Color"

"Jenna is the real deal. The eye she has for design is beyond what I could have hoped for as I rebuilt my own brand; her advice is solid, actionable, approachable, and all shared with a genuine spirit of compassion and support. She knows how to TEACH, which shows up in both her delivery and how available she makes herself to answer questions and provide support. If you're looking to take control of how you truly show OFF your business, LYB is a no-brainer."


Student:  Kausar Azam 

Runner Up: "Best Concept & Theme"

"Wow. I don't really know where to begin. This program has inspired and changed the way I look at design at a whole different level. From crafting the brand personality to executing concepts on software, I have learned an immense amount of priceless information which is going to be my guiding source for design and branding for the rest of my life. Cannot recommend enough, thank you so much Jenna!  Sincerely, Kausar"


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About Jenna Soard


About Jenna Soard

Hello! My name is Jenna.

I'm a design fanatic, branding expert and recently inspired blogger.  I love traveling, high-fivin' strangers on the street, Instagramin' my adventures, and finding crazy street art for inspiration.  I'd love to help you create a brand that is so personal, it will attract all of the amazing peeps that you want to be working with.  


Graphic Designer, Entrepreneur, & Professor

You can check out my graphic design portfolio and blog at

What makes me different than most designers is that I have an extensive marketing and entrepreneurship background.  I have infused my MBA with design skills to make deliberate design decisions on how to reach your target markets more effectively.  

I started off doing graphic design at the age of 16, with my first licensed t-shirt business in high school, where I printed shirts for most of the campus sports and activities. In 1999, I attended the University of Oregon and earned a BS in Multimedia Design, and then a MBA in Marketing in 2005.  It was that year that my business started to blossom.

In 2008, I lived in Tokyo and taught at a university to 400 students and designed t-shirts for a famous Japanese tattoo artist by the name of Horiyoshi III. I lived in Harajuku and had one of the most fabulous adventures in my life!

Won an International Design Award

 The award - "Best Catalog Design Targeting Generation Y" for the Astoria Parks and Recreation.  This design award lead to me being invited to teach at the University of Oregon, where they asked me to create three classes for their university.

Professor of Branding, Design, Entrepreneurship at University of Oregon

Teaching for three different universities (mostly online) has really helped me with perfecting my craft of designing and helping others to do the same. The flexibility allows for the convenience of still being able to work with clients.

Senior Graphic Designer for Nike Tennis

In 2011-2012 was a graphic developer for over 300 t-shirt designs that include LeBron, Livestrong, Kobe Bryant, Athletic Training, Running, Tennis and more.

In March of 2012, I was brought on to help establish a women's rights organization, that lead to growing over 10,000 likes on the organization's Facebook page in 3 months.  The media caught wind of this and I was featured on CBS news, and More Magazine (online)  My contribution to this organization was featured in Bust Magazine in print on Sept 25, 2012.

Starting this website Create Thunder, which is one part blog, one part information product is to educate new entrepreneurs and designers how to apply their brand strategy-- visually.  This has been a long time dream of mine and I'm so excited that you are here!  Look out for lots of products coming out relating to design and branding coming soon!